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  • MJ's Soap Essential Kit

    Mary Jane makes soapmaking easy. Her simple goat milk recipe includes step-by-step instructions for the perfect soap every time. This kit provides enough supplies to make over 100 bars. 

    Includes 2 lbs Red Crown Lye, 2 qts Coconut oil,  8 lbs of Lard,  1 oz Energy Fragrance, 1 oz Lavender Essential Oil, 5 lb Soap mold box w/ cutter, Wire Whisk, 8 qt SS Mixing Bowl, Gloves & Protective Goggles.

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  • Simple Soap Kit

    Tried and true soap recipe that can turn anyone into a soapmaking expert. Featuring easy to use instructions and the ingredients to produce approximately 100 4 oz soap bars. That's 60 cents a bar! And it is better for your skin. You just add the milk. Don't worry, if you don't have goat's milk, any milk will do. It's time to give soapmaking a try. 

    Kit includes: Lye, Coconut Oil, Lard, Fragrances (Lilac 1 oz. and English Rose 1 oz.), and Recipe

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