Kidding Necessaties

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  • Kid ID Bands

    If you have trouble remembering which goat is which, (especially when the kids are born) try these plastic-backed paper collars with the self-fastening adhesive ends for identification. Bands stay well fastened and are easy to write on.  

    Package of 20

    Available in 2 sizes: 10” and 20” lengths.

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  • Kid Jammies

    A specially designed kid jammie for newborn kids. Ideal weather protection during their first few days. Made of soft, stretchy fabric that is warm, comfortable, and washable. One size fits all. Comes in traditional pink or blue.  

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    • $7.61
  • J-Lube

    When you find it necessary to assist in the birthing process, J-Lube will be your best friend. This concentrated powder dissolves easily in water and is the most effective obstetrical lubricant on the market today. The 10 oz bottle has a shaker top and makes 6-8 gallons of lubricant. Stays where it is put and washes off quickly and easily when the job is done. Excellent for all types of medical procedures. Completely non-irritating. Great for A.I. work, too.

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  • Kid Puller

    This kid puller can save both the kid and the doe even in the most difficult of births. Professionally designed and constructed of high-quality materials.

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  • OB Gloves

    Protect your hands and arms from infectious materials when delivering kids and treating your farm animals. 

    One size fits all (5 Pair in a package)

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    • $1.66
  • Save a Kid Syinge

    A new and improved lifesaving instrument for reviving premature, weak, or chilled newborns. The 60cc catheter syringe is fitted with a clear flexible feeding tube that allows you to monitor the milk flow and prevent siphoning when removing the tube. A must-have on hand at kidding time. Easy to follow Instructions are included. Extra tubes are sold separately. 

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  • Nasal Aspirator

    Be prepared with the new bulb syringe. Grab this bulb syringe for quick clearing of airways in newborn kids. Also great for irrigating ears or small cavities such as abscesses, and clearing noses from nasal congestion. The flat bottom allows the syringe to stand up without tipping. Latex free.

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  • Navel Clamps

    Apply clamp as soon after birth as possible. The clamp may then be removed in 24-36 hours. The correct size for kids.

    Package of 5 

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  • Teat/Navel Dipper

    The Uni Dipper is a fully non-return lateral style, low-profile dip cup suitable for goats and sheep. It is ideal for dairy farmers who prefer a “side-action” dipping routine such as in a stanchion barn milking. It features an anti-drip lip, handy belt hook, and twin tubes which make it suitable for all types of dips. Can also be used as a navel cord dipper.

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  • Triodine

    Early infections in newborns occur when improperly treated navels allow organisms to ascend the umbilical cord. Often the result is sudden death within the first week. To prevent “navel ill” dip the cord in Triodine-7 as soon as possible after birth and again on the second day for added protection again infection.

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