Colostrum & Bovi Sera

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  • Bovi Sera

    Bovi Sera is an absolute MUST HAVE for any goat owner. Useful in the prevention and treatment of conditions such as pneumonia and enterotoxemia, passive immune failure in newborns, and shipping fever complex in adults, Bovi Sera provides an immediate boost to the immune system allowing goats to get back on their feet.  Dosage of 10 cc sub-Q injection for adults and 5 cc sub-Q injection for newborns. Available in 20 ml or 250 ml sizes

    ATTENTION: We will pack your Bovi Sera with an ice bag. During the summer months expect the ice bag to be melted and even warm to the touch. This is fine, simply place and store your Bovi Sera in the refrigerator.

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  • Colostrum Powder

    Supply your growing kids with beneficial microflora for intestinal flora as well as immune-building antibodies, protein, vitamins A, D, E, B12, and lost of trace nutrients. Add a teaspoon of this wonderful colostrum powder to every bottle of milk replacer or milk you feed your baby goats for as long as they are nursing. You can't go wrong. Dose scoop included. Labeled for goats. 9 oz jar (75 portions)

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  • Colostrum Gel

    Give an added immune boost to your newborn kids with easy-to-administer colostrum gel that contains maternal antibodies, protein, lactobacillus, and vitamins A, D, E, and B12 plus essential nutrients. Each 30 ml oral syringe can be set to the exact dosage. Feed as soon as possible after birth. The perfect answer for kids who don't want to nurse in the beginning. Eliminates the danger of aspirated fluids that can get into the lungs when you force-feed liquid colostrum. Labeled for goats. 30 ml tube (3 day supply)

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