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  • Kid Feeding Bottle with Nipple

    1 Liter Kid Feeding Bottle.  The strong handle holds up under "vicious" feeding frenzies.  Comes with a rubber nipple similar to our premier feeder.  The bottle also works with our Pritchard and Rhinehart nipples sold separately.  

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  • Pritchard Nipple

    They were first made in 1997. This nipple features a durable screw-on base that fits most soft drink bottles. The seamless, hollow cone shape provides the perfect feeding rate, starting with newborns right up to weaning and the built-in leak-proof “flutter valve” allows air control to prevent nipple collapse. Simply slice the tip with a razor or scissors to create the appropriate opening size. Start at the very end of the tip to get a slow flow. Remember, you can always make the hole larger. Best of all, even the most enthusiastic kid cannot pull this nipple off the bottle. These are the REAL Pritchard Nipples, made in New Zealand.

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  • Pop Bottle Nipple

    These traditional “swan bill” style nipples have been a best seller since 1945. They are so soft and pliable that your kids will take to them instantly. Designed to fit securely over a pop bottle.  

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    • $1.95
  • Control Flow Pop Bottle Nipple

    Control-flow nipples have all the features you and your kids will love. Soft, pliable isoprene construction encourages quick acceptance of the nipple, even for newborns. A unique hollow cone tip allows you to cut the opening you want and automatically regulates the flow of milk according to each kid's suckling ability. Unlike most pop bottle nipples, control-flow nipples are built to last. The versatile design fits most household bottles.

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  • Grey Caprine Nipple

    Specially-designed nipples for Caprine-style tube feeders. The nipple fits through a 5/8" hole in the pail. Flange on the back of the nipple holds a plastic tube that extends down into the milk. Kids "drink through a straw." Nipple fits onto most pop bottles; many breeders prefer our Caprine nipples for bottle feeding.  

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  • Multi-Kid Feeder

    Enjoy the convenience of feeding a slew of kids at once. Simply rest the flat, blank side of the feeder against your legs while the kids' nurse. No need to sacrifice the advantages of individual hand feeding just because you need a multi-kid feeder. No holder or welded tire rim is needed to secure the feeder. The square bucket fits snugly and securely against any flat surface (fence, pen, barn wall) or can be comfortably handheld. Tubeless gravity feeding means no tubes to wash, no special kid training, and no bloating due to unwanted air in the stomach while feeding. Six specially-sized nipples designed for simple, easy, thorough cleaning. Leakproof bucket units enable kids to get every drop of milk. Eliminate the risk of deadly scours and e.coli that can result from improperly cleaned tube-type feeders and nipples. The complete multi-kid feeder includes: Sturdy 4-gallon square bucket with a lid, 6 nipples, and 6 leak-proof nipple holders. The 49D Fenceline Hanger sold separately can be used to secure the bucket to a number of different wire fences. ***HOLDS 4 GALLONS OF MILK***

    Choose from 3 different kid feeder nipple styles: 
    1. Red Premier Nipples which are sturdy rubber that can withstand older kids.
    2. Pritchard Nipples which are great for newborns.
    3. Rhinehart Nipples offers a soft, pliable nipple for those kids that need a nipple that "looks and feels like" mom.

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  • Replacement Parts for Square Multi-Kid Feeder

    Replacement Nipples for Square Multi Kid Feeder: Premier, Pritchard, Rhinehart Nipples

    Replacement Nipple Holder and Gasket

    Replacement Bucket

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  • Replacement Parts for 10 Kid Feeder

    Replacement Parts for 10 Kid Nipple Feeder:  Nipple, Tubes, Tube Brush, Bucket

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  • Round Holder for 10 Kid Feeder

    Holder for 2D Feeders which must be welded or bolted into a tire rim for height and stability.

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  • One Way Tube Valve

    Give your kids a helping hand with these one-way tube valves. The small check valves help keep the milk up in the tube which makes it easier to train a kid to drink from the tube feeders. Works with all our 2D kid feeders.

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