Tattoo & Identification

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  • Tattoo Alphabet

    Complete alphabet for tattooing.  Available in 5/16" for small ear breeds and Lamanchas and 3/8" for Boers and Nubians. 

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    • $29.95
  • Tattoo Case

    Perfect case to hold all your tattoo supplies.  The foam insert securely organizes the tattoo numbers and letters making it easy to find the right one.  

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    • $15.95
  • Roll On Green Ink

    Quality liquid green tattoo ink in a plastic roll-on bottle is easy to use and less messy than jars or tubes. Green shows up on darker-eared goats.  2-oz. bottle.

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    • $7.95
  • Kid ID Bands

    If you have trouble remembering which goat is which, (especially when the kids are born) try these plastic-backed paper collars with the self-fastening adhesive ends for identification. Bands stay well fastened and are easy to write on.  

    Package of 20

    Available in 2 sizes: 10” and 20” lengths.

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    • $4.95