Hoof Care

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  • Blood Stop Powder

    Checks bleeding of minor cuts, wounds, and dehorning. The topical powder contains iron sulfate, ammonium talc, and diphenylamine. A real lifesaver in an emergency. Be sure to always keep some on hand. 1lb container

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  • Hoof Trimmer

    Super sharp hoof trimmers make fast work of trimming hooves. Features sharp, Teflon - coated carbon steel blades with comfortable ergonomic grips.

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  • Sharpener

    Finally, a tool to sharpen your hoof trimmers. Our new mulit-sharpener will also make short work of shears, knives, and scissors. Contains oil and grease to lubricate moving parts and keep your trimmers in top shape.

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  • Hoof Plane

    An excellent tool for helping to smooth and shape after trimming or can be used in place of hoof trimmers or shears on extra hard hooves. The blade is made of hardened, tempered tool steel and will hold an edge through lots of hard use.

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  • Hoof Pick w/ Brush

    An essential little tool for cleaning the dirt from the hoof before trimming. Keep one handy for between-trim clean-up too.

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  • Hoof Knife

    For overgrown hooves, a hoof knife can be a handy first start. Begin with the knife and then finish off with hoof trimmers and a hoof plane. Suitable for the left or right hand.

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  • Hoof & Heel

    For fast healing of hoof and foot rot, this tested veterinary-strength topical antibacterial penetrates deep into the hoof to attack the infection, without causing the hoof to become shrunken, brittle, hard, or discolored. Speeds healing of all types of hoof injury. Approved for use with dairy animals

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  • Guide to Hoof Trimming
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    Guide to Hoof Trimming

    Hoof trimming is essential and getting the job done quickly, easily, and correctly is the goal. This guide is dedicated to making your hoof trimming experience easier.  There are lots of clear illustrations and easy-to-understand directions. Every adult and "kid" will appreciate it.

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