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  • Cheesemakers Pantry

    Wanna try cheesemaking but don’t know where to start? Let us help. We have put together all the supplies, and recipes that will give you the opportunity to make cream cheese, mozzarella, feta,
    Works with cow and goat milk!
    The Cheese Maker's Pantry contains everything you need to make pounds and pounds of a variety of cheeses, plus you can work at your own pace because the ingredients will stay fresh for at least two years. Most other starter kits only include enough ingredients to make one or two batches. Our kit contains full portions of the ingredients. Have Fun!


    A Cheesemaker's Journey| Cheese-making Cookbook with clear, easy-to-follow instructions on making cheese from both goat and cow milk.

    Liquid Rennet 2oz

    Citric Acid | The secret ingredient to stretchy Mozzarella cheese

    Chevre Culture

    Thermophyllic culture

    Cheesecloth 2 sq yds

    Calcium Chloride 2oz

    Feta Culture


    Cheese Salt 8oz

    8 inch stem thermometer

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  • Soft Cheese Kit

    This is a versatile, soft cheese and is a great one to make if you are just getting started. It can be used in any dish in which you would use cream cheese and it freezes very well. Of all the cheeses that you can learn to make, this is an absolute must. Its versatility means it has hundreds of uses. Enough culture to process 26 gallons of milk using the direct set method. Includes: Soft Cheese Recipe, Chevre culture, Liquid Rennet, Cheesecloth, and Cheese salt.

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  • Feta Cheese Kit

    You can make wonderful Feta Cheese easily and successfully at home with this Feta Cheesemaking Kit. This Feta Cheesemaking kit includes everything you need (except milk)  to make around 30lbs of delicious, feta cheese using Mary Jane Toth's Feta Cheese recipe. We make our own feta all the time and it makes the store-bought feta cheese taste like salty erasers. Total labor time for this recipe is about 30 minutes over 2 days.

    Includes: Rennet, Feta Culture, Lipase, Cheese Salt, Calcium Chloride, Cheesecloth, and Recipe

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  • Mozzarella Cheese Kit

    What could be better to top your own pizza than fresh homemade mozzarella cheese? Start making the perfect mozzarella cheese with this new kit. The only thing you need to add is milk! Everything else is included here. Makes over 30lbs of Mozzarella. It includes: Thermophylliic Culture Citric Acid - 15M Liquid Rennet 16C Cheese Salt 15M-3 A time-tested recipe from the experts

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