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  • Niteguard

    Protect your herd from predators. The flash of Niteguard is not motion activated but turns on automatically at dark. The animals stop the instant they see the flash, oftentimes hundreds of yards away. Effective up to 500 yards.

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  • Gate Latch

    This gate latch makes the chore of opening and closing your gate no chore at all! Features one-hand operation (even with gloves on), galvanized 1/2" steel latch plus 8" of 3/16" chain, and a 4" staple. Easy installation does not require an evenly matched gate and post. This latch won't freeze up or rust and adapts to both wood and metal gates, accepts a padlock for security, and has no dangerous or sharp elements to hurt either you or your goats. It's the best gate hardware available and it's guaranteed "goat-proof."

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  • Fence Hanger

    This handy little holder secures buckets onto a number of different wire fences including cattle panels. Sturdy welded wire is designed to drop easily into place.  Put them all around for water, feed, and supplements.

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  • Barn & Stable Powder

    Barn & Stable Powder is a special concentrated blend of absorbents, odor reducers, and robust microbes that thrive on degrading animal waste. This concentrated powder has 10 times the deodorizing & biodegrading properties as competing products. Usage: After removing soiled bedding, apply Barn & Stable  Powder to the wet urination areas. Repeat weekly depending on the odor and quantity of the urine and feces produced by the animals. Liberally sprinkle on manure piles and any areas where flies may hatch to accelerate the breakdown and help decrease the fly population. 

    Container Size: 3 1/2 pounds

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  • Prozap

    Rid your goats of horn flies, face flies, ticks, screw worms and lice for up to 5 weeks. Dry powder form for application by dusting. Safe, even for lactating animals. When used as directed, there is no milk dumping or slaughter withdrawal time. 

    [2 lb Shaker Can]

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  • Diatomaceous Earth

    Diatomaceous Earth is an all-natural, food-grade pest control used for eliminating internal parasites and relief from ticks, fleas and garden pests. Contains 14 valuable trace minerals essential for healthy animals. Can be used as a supplement to other wormers

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  • Fly Ribbons

    Tried & true, sure fire methos of insect control. No harmful chemicals. Simply hang these ribbons in any area and the flies stick fast on contact. 

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  • Goat Pen Protector

    Helps keep goat stalls clean and odor free. Neutralizes odors from urine, fecal, and compost while aiding in the decomposition of waste. Made with natural enzymes and plant oils that are completely safe for goats. 1 liter concentrate. Makes 16 gallons. 

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  • Utility Feeder

    This 6 quart feeder features a rugged hook-over mounting that fits securely on a standard 2 x 4. Grab one for grain, one for minerals, and another for salt. Measures 10” x 6” x 7”.

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