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Using an Elastrator

Using an Elastrator


Castration and Dehorning

If that new buck kid is too cute, but you really don’t need another herd sire, why not castrate him and train him to work around your farm. A neutered buck is gentle, has no offensive odor and can easily be trained to pull a cart or wagon. The procedure for castrating is bloodless and simple. However, to allow maximum growth of the urinary tract, delay the banding process as long as possible, many recommend until 10-12 weeks. A sub-Q injection of Tetanus Antitoxin should be given the day you do the banding. Using an Elastrator Tool, expand the band and slip over the descended testicles. In approximately 2 weeks, the testicles will slough off.


The elastrator can also be used to remove horns of advanced growth. The expanded band must be rolled down as far below the hairline as possible to get really close to the skull. Shave away the hair around the horn to expose this area. Wrap tape around the band to keep it in place. Horn will slough off in 8 to 10 weeks. Use Blood Stopper Powder if bleeding occurs after the horns fall off. Start this process in late fall, when flies will not be a problem. [There are online sites that actually show this dehorning procedure. Use search words to find dehorning with an elastrator band.]