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Collar Safety

Collar Safety

For everyday use, we prefer plastic chain collars [7G] because goats have an uncanny way of getting caught on everything. The plastic chain collars are strong enough for you to lead even the most stubborn goat, but will breakaway in an emergency. This breakaway feature can be a lifesaver for your goats. Keep a couple of extra links [7G-1] on hand to replace broken ones when necessary.


Rules for Tying-Out Your Goat

The use of tie out staking chains requires serious guidelines.

1. The goat cannot be left for any length of time. They cannot defend themselves against attacks by dogs or other predators. They get entangled in brush and wrapped around trees. Always keep an eye on them when they are tied out.

2. Goats cannot be tied out without shade, shelter and water.

3. Remember! Your goat enjoys eating brush in moderation. Always check the type of shrubs to be sure there are no poisonous ones.