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Funny Farm

Funny Farm

Welcome to the Funny Farm!  As you know, life with animals is many things but predicable is not one of them. Sometimes the events that happen are so unusual or flat-out-hilarious that you simply have to share them.  Well, go ahead.  Please send in your stories and pictures to and we’ll post them on the blog Funny Farm Blog.

Recent Posts

Go get your goat!

I’ll admit it. I used to be scared of goats. It’s not something I am proud of either. I put off living with them for a long time because of it, too. Let me be clear though. I wasn’t scared of the animals. I loved goats. Goats are cleverness on the hoof. They are wily […]

Hoegger’s Christmas 2014 Goat Gift Guide

For those who love ‘us goat people’, gift giving can be a challenge. So, for Christmas 2014, we thought we would put together an ‘Ultimate Gift Guide’ to help you out. There’s something here for all kinds of goat keepers and milk aficionados, and we’ve tried to cover all budgets. So from stocking fillers to […]

Love’s Labors Learned: Goats and Other Mentors

“There’s nothing more you can learn from me.”   I heard those words come out of my boss’s mouth the other day, and mine hung wide open. Untruer words were never spoken; we can never stop learning from one another. I still consider myself new at goat-keeping, having only come to it professionally (and personally) […]