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Fiber Goats

Fiber Goats

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Wool keeps a body warm

I wanna talk about wool. No, strike that… mohair… oops… silk… oh wait, dryer lint!!! Jeeze, does anyone really realize how many types of fiber we have to choose from, to play with? I know one person who does. I don’t usually single anyone out, but for this, I must and it’s the same lady […]

Making Sense of Feed Labels Part 2: Balancing major minerals in your goat’s diet

In Making Sense of Feed Labels, Part 1: Balancing trace mineral deficiencies in your goat’s diet,  we learned how to determine if your mineral supplement balances deficiencies in trace minerals, such as copper, zinc and selenium. Daily mineral requirements for goats were based on diets for large breed diary cattle adjusted for differences in body […]

Making Sense of Feed Labels

Part I: Balancing trace mineral deficiencies in your goat’s diet   You are at the feed store looking for a mineral supplement for your goats because you have heard that grass and hay in your area are deficient in minerals. You read the label of a recommended supplement with a “guaranteed analysis” expressed in terms […]