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Anne’s Corner

Anne’s Corner

Welcome to Anne’s Corner!  Hoegger Supply Company has been in continuous operation as a family run business since 1935.  Throughout our history, we have focused on providing products that help people utilize their own land and labor to better provide for themselves.  This focus reflects our own belief that the home is the cornerstone of a successful, vibrant, and healthy life.


Based on that belief, Hoegger Supply actively partners with a number of organizations to support families and children both locally and globally.  We appreciate the opportunity to introduce you to these fantastic organizations and our hope is that you too will join us in supporting their good work.  You can learn about them in the navigation bar to the left.

Thank you!

Recent Posts

New Cheesemaker’s Challenge

We’ve released a lot of new cheesemaking videos from Mary Jane Toth’s A Cheesemaker’s Journey over the past month. The purpose of these videos has been to help new cheesemaker’s feel confident enough to go ahead and start making cheese. Funny enough, we’ve actually had a few of our own staff start making cheese after […]

Hoegger Calendar Submissions

Wow, we got a great response from all of you for the 2012 Calendar Competition!  In fact, we received so many pictures that we are still in the process of choosing the 12 that will go in the calendar.  Not an easy job.  But in the meantime, here are just a few of the thousands of pictures for […]

Anne’s Letter From the Cheese and Soap Catalog

  Dear Friends,   Go back in time to the days when every family was engaged in home dairying. Our American heritage is steeped in homesteading and the home dairy was an integral part of life. As we carry out our responsibilities on our 21st century farms and in our homes, we are preserving an […]