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Show report: The Sunshine Class, Harrisonburg VA

Show report: The Sunshine Class, Harrisonburg VA

Being an American Boer Goat Judge has allowed me to travel all over the United States. I have met some great people and seen some wonderful animals. However, the Sunshine Class in Harrisonburg Va., held by the Rockingham County Fair was and will be the most admirable class I have ever had the honor of judging.


AgFirst Farm Credit Bank sponsored the children in the class. Each child got a beautiful ribbon and a backpack filled with goodies. The Sunshine Class is an open class to individuals up to 22 years of age with developmental disabilities. The class was made up of seven children, each child with a special need. Never did that stop one from coming into the ring to strut their animals around to show them off.


I met Robert Baker standing out of the ring reluctant, shaking his head and not wanting to come in the ring. However with a few words and a little of love and laughter, he walked his goat in the ring and showed it off with a special confidence. Robert even talked with the crowd over the microphone and shared with us what his goats name was: Nibbles! Robert laughed and explained he named his goat “Nibbles” because he nibbles all the time. Robert also shared that he had shown for two years now. Never have I seen a smile as beautiful as Robert had.


Then we had sweet little Hannah Smallwood with a beautiful black cowgirl hat on her sweet little head, oh how she loved her goat. Hannah walked her goat very well and not only did her goat walk but it also danced, yes danced! Hannah and her goat danced right into my heart.


Now let’s talk about Michael Frazier, Michael not only was in the Sunshine class but also was showing the night before in the Market classes. The Market Class is for Children who have been showing for years. His market animal placed in class and he also placed in the Showmanship Class. Michael may have to give me a few lessons on how to show a Market Doe!


Miss Jordan Raynes has been showing for two years. She walked her goat very well. Jordan felt as if her goat did not listen well however, when she touched her goat it would calm right down and look to her for what was next. This special young lady has the most calming effect on anyone that is lucky enough to meet and know her.


A strong willed girl, here comes Miss Lena Campbell! Lena uses a wheelchair, but with a little help from her family members and her goat she ditched the wheelchair and was determined to show her goat without it. With braces on each leg, Lena smiled and giggled like the other children with a desire to be as much like the others as she could. She is a beautiful person both inside and out.


Now let’s talk about McKenzie Smith, a beautiful young lady with lots of smiles and beautiful blonde hair. McKenzie giggled the entire time in the ring, her favorite part of her goat was the long ears, she said they were so soft.  She was such a sweet young lady!


And last but not least, is Khayla Phillips. Khayla was very shy. But don’t let her shyness fool you; she did a wonderful job showing in the show ring. Khayla had never been in the ring before, so a little shyness was expected. I hope to see Khayla right back in the show ring next year!


If you missed the show, you missed the show of a life time. Each child brought so much to the show ring with love and laughter but most of all they brought their hearts. I hope they each will be involved in this show for years to come. I will never walk into the ring again and not think about each one of them. Thank you so much for allowing me to share my story and the love that I was given the chance to experience in Harrisonburg Va.


Kathy D. Carr

ABGA Judge









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