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Pasteurizing raw milk

Pasteurizing raw milk

While we love raw milk, we recognize that for some people, pasteurizing raw milk is a better option. Home pasteurized milk retains far more benefits than store bought milk, which is treated at a far higher temperature, which kills entirely the beneficial nutritional aspects of milk.


The process of home pasteurization is a relatively simple one: Heat raw milk to 145 degrees F and keep it at that temperature for at least 30 minutes. Stir constantly to avoid burning and to maintain an even temperature. Because of the need for heating evenly, using a microwave is not recommended. For a faster method, heat the milk to 165 degrees F for at least 15 seconds, stirring constantly.


A home pasteurizer makes it a simple, quick process. The Milky is a multi-funtional digital pasteurizer and enables you to simply set the thermostat and go. Pasteurize, heat treat colostrum, make cheese, and more.





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