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New Cheesemaker’s Challenge

New Cheesemaker’s Challenge

We’ve released a lot of new cheesemaking videos from Mary Jane Toth’s A Cheesemaker’s Journey over the past month. The purpose of these videos has been to help new cheesemaker’s feel confident enough to go ahead and start making cheese. Funny enough, we’ve actually had a few of our own staff start making cheese after watching the videos. We’d love to hear about your success so we’re launching the ¬†NEW CHEESEMAKER’S CHALLENGE.


Here are the rules 


1. Make some cheese (any cheese) following one of the new cheesemaking videos from Mary Jane Toth.


2. Take a picture of the cheese (we’d love it if you were also in the picture).


3. Email the picture to with the subject “CHEESEMAKER’S CHALLENGE”. Include your Name and Address in the body of the email.


4. All entries must be in before July 1st, 2012.


These pictures are not going to be judged on prettiness, quality or anything. We just want to see the cheese you made. 3 winners will be picked randomly from the folks who entered and we’ll send each an autographed copy of A Cheesemaker’s Journey.


Have fun, happy cheesemaking and we can’t wait to see your pictures!



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  1. by memaw89
    Comment made on: June 6 2012

    In you French Style Soft Cheese you mentioned that it could be used for cream cheese what do you do to it to make it taste sweet like the cream cheese. Thank You

  2. by whogwild
    Comment made on: July 27 2012

    would you please send that e mail again for the French style cream cheese also is that the receipe that she made cheese balls an rolled in cracked epper please send to me thank you

  3. by whogwild
    Comment made on: August 30 2012

    Does mary Janes book have receipes for coby cheese an harder cheeses?

  4. by jann
    Comment made on: September 6 2013

    I tried this with fresh goats milk and then made the balls . It was amazing.
    I just love the videos its like having your own private tutor.
    Thanks for sharing

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