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  • Affinage Part II: Passive factors

    The two most important passive factors in ripening, or aging cheese, are temperature and humidity. Any good recipe should specify the ideal aging conditions for the cheese you are making but, the general range in temperature is 50-55F and 80-90% humidity. Air circulation is also an important part of managing mold growth. A good cheese […]

  • My essential goat first aid kit

    I sell a handful of goats throughout the year and new owners invariably ask me what they should have on hand in their goat emergency first aid medical kit – just in case.   I highly recommend having one of these, and I recommend even more vehemently that you should put it together BEFORE YOU […]

  • Using Goats in a Therapy Program

    I love my goats. They always make me smile. I am a registered nurse and sometimes my days can be a little stressful. One little therapy doeling really brightens my days. Her name is Baby. Baby is a Fainting goat. Every time I look at her she brings a smile to my face. This got […]

  • Blood-Sucking Parasites in Your Goat’s Stomach!

    This article was originally provided via a link in a comment to Shannon Lawrence’s Farmyard blog “Goat vs. Barber Pole  – don’t let the worms win” (August 2012). Because of the popularity of the link we decided to publish the full-length, updated version of this article.   I’m back with everybody’s favorite topic – worms, […]

  • Requirements for Obtaining a Dairy License

    There are several requirements in order to become a grade A licensed dairy. First of all, one needs to decide if s/he is going to sell milk, aged non-pasteurized cheese, or pasteurized fresh cheese, yogurt, and chevre. I will be writing about my experience in Washington State. Please check with your state for their particular […]

  • Jenna Woginrich: Morning Milking Routines

    As soon as cats and dogs are sated from their own particular morning-time urgencies, I am heading to the goat pen with milk pails, gear, and grain. With two goats I have a system. I start milking Francis first and, since she is in training to be a proper milk goat, I like giving her […]

  • Jenna on goats and fences and lessons hard learned

    When it comes to goats, fences are everything. The same fence that can keep back a team of Percherons, a flock of sheep, and hundred alpaca (alpaci?) is nothing but scoff-fodder for your average goats. Goats climb, tear down, and crawl under wire field fencing. They laugh at t-posts. If your wire isn’t hot, even […]

  • Dirty Jobs and Pretty Faces – an adventure in soap making

    Well, it’s that time of year when a lot of us are getting dirty. We are planting flowers, weeding gardens, hiking, fishing, and generally making a mess of ourselves. We are also sweating and clogging up those pesky facial pores. So what are dirty guys and gals to do? The answer is Cup ‘O Joe […]

  • My name is Sheri, and I am a fiber addict

    Once upon a time, I was a spinner, knitter, crocheter and felter. Among other things of course. Now my passion has evolved, which passions tend to do, to creating felt paintings. There really isn’t much difference between what I do now and what I did as a spinner, but there is some. Mainly, the fiber. […]

  • Kidding complications

    Most of the time our does have no problems kidding; however, sometimes we must lend a helping hand.   This article will discuss the differences between Milk Fever, Pregnancy Toxemia and Ketosis. They all have some of the same signs and symptoms, but yet they are very different and require different treatments.   We will […]

  • The mystical art of soap making

    “Stir your soap in a clockwise direction with a sassafras stick under a waning moon”….   I started soap making about a year ago. I give all my success to an awesome book called Smart Soap making by Anne Watson. When I tell people I make soap – mostly they crinkle their nose and say […]

  • Shearing day at Cold Antler Farm

    Shearing Day is a bonefide Holiday here at Cold Antler Farm. It’s one of the annual events that shape my year, a new and beloved tradition that takes place every late spring. And even though it’s a fairly new kind of holiday, it is already starting to rack up wonderful stories and memories. It all […]

  • Why I chose the Kiko goat

    I live on a small 20 acre farm. We used to own cows but they have long since been sold. After I came home from college, I looked at my childhood home. The fences were old and rusted. The pasture was taller than I am with sage and blackberry bushes. I knew we had a […]

  • Introducing New Goats Into a Herd

    Bringing a new goat into your established herd? Here are a few tips for helping new arrivals feel at home.   1.       Quarantine all new goats – Regardless of where your new goats come from, it is a good idea to quarantine them from your other animals for a few weeks. This quarantine period is […]

  • From Fleece to Created Piece…

    Today, I’d like to ponder the difference between buyer and seller. That might sound strange, but just go with me, eh?   Let’s start with the seller. The seller of fleece has a life. A life so full of time consuming moments that you wouldn’t believe. The daily feeding and watering, those should be separate […]