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  • Pasteurizing raw milk

    While we love raw milk, we recognize that for some people, pasteurizing raw milk is a better option. Home pasteurized milk retains far more benefits than store bought milk, which is treated at a far higher temperature, which kills entirely the beneficial nutritional aspects of milk.   The process of home pasteurization is a relatively […]

  • How to start a soap business and other adventures in goating

    I am not a delicate little flower by any stretch of the imagination, just ask any of my friends, but the thought of burning myself so that I am no longer recognizable scared me to death! I have raised goats since 1997, have driven an 18 wheel truck cross country by myself, and have even […]

  • For the love of goats

    A Few Differences Between Commercial and Backyard Farms   I’m really glad we only have one neighbor after this week. And I’m really glad that he’s in the habit of setting off fireworks, shooting things in his yard, and using heavy equipment on a daily basis.   I got home last Sunday from work and […]

  • Introduction: 1840 Farm and their journey to goats

    My family had lived at 1840 Farm for six years before we had our first conversation about adding dairy animals to the farm’s landscape. At the time, we were keeping a flock of heritage breed hens and tending to an heirloom garden that expanded with every growing season. While both of those projects demanded an […]

  • Go get your goat!

    I’ll admit it. I used to be scared of goats. It’s not something I am proud of either. I put off living with them for a long time because of it, too. Let me be clear though. I wasn’t scared of the animals. I loved goats. Goats are cleverness on the hoof. They are wily […]

  • Hoegger’s Christmas 2014 Goat Gift Guide

    For those who love ‘us goat people’, gift giving can be a challenge. So, for Christmas 2014, we thought we would put together an ‘Ultimate Gift Guide’ to help you out. There’s something here for all kinds of goat keepers and milk aficionados, and we’ve tried to cover all budgets. So from stocking fillers to […]

  • Wool keeps a body warm

    I wanna talk about wool. No, strike that… mohair… oops… silk… oh wait, dryer lint!!! Jeeze, does anyone really realize how many types of fiber we have to choose from, to play with? I know one person who does. I don’t usually single anyone out, but for this, I must and it’s the same lady […]

  • Milk Production versus Sustainability

    When one begins a dairy operation, generally there is lots of enthusiasm and energy. That’s actually quite necessary. Equally vital is the stamina and perseverance to maintain a certain energy level and even rhythm to the production cycles. Whether or not the dairy endeavor continues depends to a large degree upon how the operation is […]

  • Making Sense of Feed Labels Part 2: Balancing major minerals in your goat’s diet

    In Making Sense of Feed Labels, Part 1: Balancing trace mineral deficiencies in your goat’s diet,  we learned how to determine if your mineral supplement balances deficiencies in trace minerals, such as copper, zinc and selenium. Daily mineral requirements for goats were based on diets for large breed diary cattle adjusted for differences in body […]

  • Making Sense of Feed Labels

    Part I: Balancing trace mineral deficiencies in your goat’s diet   You are at the feed store looking for a mineral supplement for your goats because you have heard that grass and hay in your area are deficient in minerals. You read the label of a recommended supplement with a “guaranteed analysis” expressed in terms […]

  • Love’s Labors Learned: Goats and Other Mentors

    “There’s nothing more you can learn from me.”   I heard those words come out of my boss’s mouth the other day, and mine hung wide open. Untruer words were never spoken; we can never stop learning from one another. I still consider myself new at goat-keeping, having only come to it professionally (and personally) […]

  • 10 Tips to Prevent Barn Fires

    I remember that Sunday afternoon as though it were yesterday. Looking out the kitchen window, seeing the smoke, realizing that the goat barn was on fire. My husband and I ran out the door, horrified at the sight of flames shooting out from the doors and under the walls. The barn was fully engulfed.   […]

  • Obtaining a Dairy License – Writing a Business Plan

    With my blogs about obtaining a grade A dairy license, one assumes that you are interested in selling your product. Have you thought about a business plan? In a business plan you analyze the market to see if your product(s) are a good fit, how you will sell your product. i.e., wholesale or retail, where […]

  • Culling – the ‘sooner or later’ of showing goats

    Sooner or later, one of the less talked about aspects of goat husbandry will rear its ugly head – the need to reduce your numbers by culling animals.  Whatever prompts the decision, it is never easy to let your babies go. While often sales are prompted by the desire to improve your herd genetics or increase your production numbers, unless you have […]

  • Livestock Guardian Dog Selection

    So you have decided to purchase a livestock guardian dog. Congratulations! 2000 years of breeding on mountainsides around the world has produced working class dogs with incredible instincts, gentle temperaments, fierce loyalty, and the ability to kill if need be.   We raise Anatolian Shepherds and run them with a herd of 17 Nigerian Dwarf […]