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The Dairy Blog

  • Pasteurizing raw milk

    While we love raw milk, we recognize that for some people, pasteurizing raw milk is a better option. Home pasteurized milk retains far more benefits than store bought milk, which is treated at a far higher temperature, which kills entirely the beneficial nutritional aspects of milk.   The process of home pasteurization is a relatively […]

  • Introduction: 1840 Farm and their journey to goats

    My family had lived at 1840 Farm for six years before we had our first conversation about adding dairy animals to the farm’s landscape. At the time, we were keeping a flock of heritage breed hens and tending to an heirloom garden that expanded with every growing season. While both of those projects demanded an […]

  • Hoegger’s Christmas 2014 Goat Gift Guide

    For those who love ‘us goat people’, gift giving can be a challenge. So, for Christmas 2014, we thought we would put together an ‘Ultimate Gift Guide’ to help you out. There’s something here for all kinds of goat keepers and milk aficionados, and we’ve tried to cover all budgets. So from stocking fillers to […]

  • Obtaining a Dairy License – Writing a Business Plan

    With my blogs about obtaining a grade A dairy license, one assumes that you are interested in selling your product. Have you thought about a business plan? In a business plan you analyze the market to see if your product(s) are a good fit, how you will sell your product. i.e., wholesale or retail, where […]

  • Requirements for Obtaining a Dairy License

    There are several requirements in order to become a grade A licensed dairy. First of all, one needs to decide if s/he is going to sell milk, aged non-pasteurized cheese, or pasteurized fresh cheese, yogurt, and chevre. I will be writing about my experience in Washington State. Please check with your state for their particular […]

  • The Path to being a Grade A Goat Dairy

    I’d been making cheeses for several years in my home kitchen when I decided to go to some actual cheese making classes.  Our local land grant college, Washington State University (WSU) offered a cheese making class taught by the venerable Marc Bates. I signed up for that in March of 2004.  It was a 4 […]

  • Pine Stump Farm – Farmstead Goat Cheese and More

    Huge welcome this month to Carey, who will document her family’s journey along the way to becoming a Grade A dairy. Look for her story in future newsletters!   Welcome to my farm. Pine Stump Farms has been evolving for 24 years and it’s hard to believe how fast the time has gone.  My partner […]

  • Goats in the Philippines

    In December 2012, the island of Panay in the Philippines suffered a flood. In some areas, the waters reached seven feet high, and I had relatives who live in the worst of it. Naturally, I wanted to help out. Being between jobs made it difficult to offer financial help, but easy for me to relocate, […]

  • Canning milk – How to preserve milk

    While freezing milk will taste more like fresh, it takes up a lot of space in the freezer which costs energy to keep it frozen. Canning milk is one way to preserve your milk and save energy at the same time. It will keep for a long time on the shelf and will taste like […]

  • Milk Cooling- It’s So Important!

    Are you getting good grades when it comes to cooling your home milk supply? One of the most important factors in great quality milk is how quickly the milk is cooled.   Milk is perfect medium for bacteria (that’s why it works so well for cheesemaking).  Unless you are doing a good job of cooling […]

  • Getting Quality Milk For Cheesemaking

    It’s pretty simple, good quality milk makes for good cheese.  I often get asked to solve cheese-making problems that are the result of poor milk handling practices. I’m sorry, there is nothing you can do. You must have good, properly handled milk if you want to have consistent results with your cheese making. While it […]

  • Mastitis Prevention and Treatment

    Mastitis is a serious health problem. If not diagnosed early and treated aggressively it can result in costly medical bills, permanent damage to the udder, decreased milk production and in severe cases, even death. Inflammation occurs when bacteria, viruses and the like invade the udder and/or mammary glands.   The best prevention is cleanliness. Keep […]

  • Dairy Herd Improvement Program

    The Dairy Herd Improvement program is sometimes referred to as DHI, DHIA, or DHIR. This valuable tool helps evaluate the progress of your herd’s milk production. You can set goals for your herd so your breeding program has clear direction and a measure of your progress over time and earn permanent dairy stars (those little […]

  • Spring-Time Is Lice-Time

    Yes, it is that time of year again. The time of year when the baby birds start chirping, the grass starts turning green and yes, the time for de-licing your goats. Before anyone faints from the shock of what I just said and runs to take a bath, let’s get the FACTS.   Goats, as […]

  • Things To Consider Before Starting Your Herd

    When people first think of getting goats, the first thought is usually, “how hard can a GOAT be?”. Many people (myself included) jump in with both feet without doing the proper research, or being lucky enough to find that special breeder that takes you under their wing and shows you the ropes. I am not […]