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Show Goats Blog

  • Is my goat healthy? – An excerpt from Raising Goats Naturally

    If, like me prior to getting goats, your livestock experience consists of cats and dogs, you are probably accustomed to simply taking an animal to the vet whenever something is amiss. However, if you have more than a few goats, this gets expensive very quickly. And, unlike small animal vets, who can be found in […]

  • Mineral deficiencies in goats – An excerpt from Raising Goats Naturally

    If goats don’t get enough of any vitamin or mineral, deficiencies will obviously occur. However, some deficiencies are more common than others and will cause more severe problems.   Copper Copper deficiency is far more common than most people realize. It is more common today than in previous years because much of the soil in […]

  • Getting started in showing – Lisa’s story

    My son started raising and showing dairy goats when he joined 4H as a young teen. He needed to choose a project to exhibit for the county’s annual fair, and since he’d been working at a goat farm for several years, goats were his first choice. I can’t imagine how different our lives would be […]

  • Show report: The Sunshine Class, Harrisonburg VA

    Being an American Boer Goat Judge has allowed me to travel all over the United States. I have met some great people and seen some wonderful animals. However, the Sunshine Class in Harrisonburg Va., held by the Rockingham County Fair was and will be the most admirable class I have ever had the honor of […]

  • Copper deficiency in goats

    Copper deficiency can occur in all kinds of goats, regardless of breed or gender. There is insufficient copper provided in grain, and even when supplemented with loose minerals, goats can still be lacking in this vital nutrient.   So what symptoms indicate deficiency? In adult goats, you can see that their hair becomes very long […]

  • Goat Transportation 101

    So you have decided to buy a few goats to start a herd of your own and now you must decide on the best way to get them home. Well, there are many different choices out there. I think the best choice is to transport your new goats yourself, however, that is not always feasible. […]

  • LGDs – Why we love our Anatolian Shepherd

      We have been raising Anatolian Shepherds for 11 years.  We owned a 13 acre, Grade A Goat Dairy and we usually had from 100 – 180 goats on our farm.   We bought our first dog when our then 19 year old daughter did some research for us, and found this breed. We also […]

  • Oops baby! Spotting signs of imminent kidding

    I stared wide-eyed and blinked three times. The October sun shone on my face as I rubbed my eyes and repeated the blinking. Not willing to believe the obvious, I stared at the back end of Daphne, my Boer-cross doe, where the beginnings of an udder appeared. Quickly I counted backwards five months, using my […]

  • Urinary Calculi in goats

    Anyone raising goats should be aware of those two little words that cause such a horrible problem. Whether you have backyard goats or a whole herd of show animals, you have or will have to deal with Urinary Calculi (UC) at some point. So what is this menace, how do we treat it and better […]

  • The essential nutrition for happy, healthy goats

    Goat Nutrition is a very complicated matter best left to nutritionists that surely know more than me. Just to try and formulate a feed could take hours and you still may have a mess on your hands. For those of you that have already figured out a feed that works for them, great, but for […]

  • Show report – Alabama National Fair 2012

    On the road to see what our youth are up to in the barns of America! This stop we were at the 2012 Alabama National Fair in Montgomery, Alabama, at the Davis Livestock Barn, where we found Alabama’s best 4H, FFA, youth and adults showing up a storm.   On Friday night they held a […]

  • How prepared are you for an emergency?

    Even as I type, wild fires are raging out of control in California, with over 3,500 homes threatened by the flames in one region. Over 8,000 firefighters are battling to contain three fires, and hundreds of families have been evacuated.   July 2012 was the warmest and 28th driest July on record, causing wildfires to […]

  • Hoegger is at the Sunbelt Agriculture Expo

    As I watch the rain fall here in Moultrie, GA, I can hear the band playing over in the Chevy tent, and all the goats in pens have decided to lay down and take a rest under the open arena that also houses the Hoegger Supply booth here at the Sunbelt Agriculture Exposition. This is […]

  • Hoegger Supply is at the ADGA National Show!

    This being our first time at the American Dairy Goat Association Nation Show, we were not really sure what to expect.  .  The only sure thing was that we would have a nice long drive from Fayetteville, GA to West Springfield, MA in a box truck full of goat supplies and our giant barn booth. […]