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Guardian animals Blog

  • Livestock Guardian Dog Selection

    So you have decided to purchase a livestock guardian dog. Congratulations! 2000 years of breeding on mountainsides around the world has produced working class dogs with incredible instincts, gentle temperaments, fierce loyalty, and the ability to kill if need be.   We raise Anatolian Shepherds and run them with a herd of 17 Nigerian Dwarf […]

  • Livestock Guardian Dog – handing over the torch

    I imported Rico, my Estrela Mountain Dog, many years ago. He was trained up by my rescue Akbash, Glory. She was hard, but fair with him. Rico has been the alpha dog in my pastures for a very long time now, and I have not lost any of my goats or chickens or piglets, thanks […]

  • Livestock Guardian Dogs – to sleep or not to sleep?

    When you see just about any LGD in a field with its charges, the one thing you will notice right away is that it looks like they are sleeping. Or at least not appearing that alert for danger. However, these dogs have a high sense of smell and hearing, and Anatolians are extremely fast on […]

  • Your LGD and storms

    Many of us have Livestock Guardian dogs. They are like most any other dog. They have senses they use for hearing, smelling, and feeling. These same senses alert them to danger or fearful things.   Many dogs including Livestock Guardian Dogs ‘LGD’s’ can be fearful of thunderstorms and lightening. I can’t blame them. The loud boom […]

  • LGDs: Fighting between gender matched dogs

    The female of the species is said to be more deadly than the male, and that goes for most intact LGDs. I have 4 Anatolian Shepherds: 3 intact females and an intact male. My male has never fought with another female dog, and the only male dog Sammy has fought with is my intact male […]

  • Early Training of Livestock Guardian Dogs

    We have raised several litters of puppies, and there are many tools to use in the early stages of training. Just because a pup is a wibbly-wobbly new walker doesn’t mean training can’t begin. One of the main tools I use is the rollover. This is a vital skill for all Livestock Guardian Dogs to […]

  • LGDs: Introducing a New Dog

    Introducing a new dog to an existing pack of dogs or even a herd of goats can be a little tricky at times. A new dog that has already been working will not always accept or guard your livestock, as they don’t consider the stock in their new home to be ‘theirs’. It is best […]

  • Working Styles of Livestock Guardian Dogs

    Livestock guardian dogs come in numerous breeds, and as varied as their origins, their working styles are also varied. The working styles within breeds can be varied, but the working styles of certain breeds can be downright overwhelming  to a novice handler.   Most, I am sure, are aware of the Great Pyrenees, the big […]

  • LGDs – Why we love our Anatolian Shepherd

      We have been raising Anatolian Shepherds for 11 years.  We owned a 13 acre, Grade A Goat Dairy and we usually had from 100 – 180 goats on our farm.   We bought our first dog when our then 19 year old daughter did some research for us, and found this breed. We also […]