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Fiber Goats Blog

  • Mama Sheri on Shear Madness

    As you all know, I raise Angora goats. Beautiful beings whom we shear the fleece from and make into warm clothing and even cool clothing. The majority of the small farms in America that raise either sheep or goats are run by women. Run, worked, loved, slaved over, cried over – by women. Not only […]

  • Tips for keeping goats warm in the winter

    Probably by the time you read this, the ‘Artic Vortex’ will have disappeared and there will be a major heat wave across North America. Regardless, this information should be relevant for anyone raising goats where temperatures tend to dip below freezing.   Here are some tips for keeping your goats warm in the winter:   […]

  • The fabulous fun that is fiber festivals!

    One aspect of fiber is the product. What to do with the product? I’ve given you examples, but let’s look into festivals and trade shows.   The first thing to consider when considering such a thing is – do you have enough product? I never felt I did, so I avoided them. Oh, I went […]

  • Essential Kid Care

      I don’t know about you, but here the girls are getting fat and itty bitty udders are appearing from under all the fuzz. Looking forward to spring babies, so learn all about kid care here.   There is nothing better than a baby goat unless maybe it is two or three baby goats! I […]

  • Pasture weeds as mineral sources for goats

    Introduction   There have been several blog articles published recently at Hoegger Farmyard that deal with the problem of copper (Cu) deficiencies in goats. As mentioned, this deficiency can be either primary, or secondary. The former is due to low Cu content of forage whereas the latter reflects the interaction between Cu and other chemical […]

  • Tools of the trade

    There are so many things as farmers that we don’t know we’ll need. Never dream we’ll need and all of a sudden… we have sparked an interest. A light in us has kindled for something and we then go on a journey to achieve that thing.     We sometimes find ourselves in the world […]

  • Why milk and grain do not make for fast growing kids

    It goes against common sense to say the key to raising fast growing and hefty kid goats is not in what you feed them. I have been raising baby goats for 10 years and have learned repeatedly over the years that kids grow best on limited grain and milk. Overfeeding a kid grain or milk […]

  • Is my goat healthy? – An excerpt from Raising Goats Naturally

    If, like me prior to getting goats, your livestock experience consists of cats and dogs, you are probably accustomed to simply taking an animal to the vet whenever something is amiss. However, if you have more than a few goats, this gets expensive very quickly. And, unlike small animal vets, who can be found in […]

  • Mineral deficiencies in goats – An excerpt from Raising Goats Naturally

    If goats don’t get enough of any vitamin or mineral, deficiencies will obviously occur. However, some deficiencies are more common than others and will cause more severe problems.   Copper Copper deficiency is far more common than most people realize. It is more common today than in previous years because much of the soil in […]

  • Copper deficiency in goats

    Copper deficiency can occur in all kinds of goats, regardless of breed or gender. There is insufficient copper provided in grain, and even when supplemented with loose minerals, goats can still be lacking in this vital nutrient.   So what symptoms indicate deficiency? In adult goats, you can see that their hair becomes very long […]

  • The many amazing uses for fiber

    As I approach the five year mark with my precious angora goats and the fiber world in general, I’ve come to the conclusion that…..FIBER ROCKS! It just has so dang many uses and purposes that it can truly boggle the brain. Say, it’s winter time and you’re cold. You have some handspun yarn laying there […]

  • Processing fiber

    It’s not a pretty subject, but I guess I need to tackle fiber processing. There are as many varied ways to wash wool or mohair as there are people probably. Each one does things just a wee tad different.   First off, there are mills. And there are mini mills. Some have long waiting lists […]

  • Goat Transportation 101

    So you have decided to buy a few goats to start a herd of your own and now you must decide on the best way to get them home. Well, there are many different choices out there. I think the best choice is to transport your new goats yourself, however, that is not always feasible. […]

  • Shearing fiber animals

    So you’ve got a fiber animal! How exciting and wonderful. How are you gonna harvest that pretty fiber? If you have over ten critters, I would recommend hiring a shearer. Hard to find but well worth it. Warning you now, some shearers go so fast that there are bleeding wounds. You can let that stop […]

  • LGDs – Why we love our Anatolian Shepherd

      We have been raising Anatolian Shepherds for 11 years.  We owned a 13 acre, Grade A Goat Dairy and we usually had from 100 – 180 goats on our farm.   We bought our first dog when our then 19 year old daughter did some research for us, and found this breed. We also […]