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Chicken & Poultry Blog

  • Raising Adolescent Chickens

    There can be little doubt that raising a group of baby chicks for a life of health and productivity takes a good deal of work, care, and knowledge about chick health and nutrition; much attention is rightly spent on this delicate and important part of a flock’s development. Unfortunately, many flock owners spend most of […]

  • Cold Antler Farm – The Introduction

    Some of you may be familiar with me and the animals that make up Cold Antler Farm, but some of you may not.  New readers find their way here and are thrown right into my story. Depending on when you met me – that story could be about chickens, new sheep, dogs, cart horses, or […]

  • Chick-kit – what you need to successfully raise chickens

    Raising baby chicks from hatch to adulthood can be one of the most rewarding aspects of keeping chickens.  Success in doing so can be increased dramatically with a few easy steps when preparing for the arriving babies.  Do you know what items to keep stocked to guarantee success when raising your flock?   Building a […]

  • How to Easily Diagnose and Treat Fowl Pox

    Flock owners, both new and veteran, will likely at some time in their fowl-keeping experience walk out to their coops and find birds that seem to suddenly have developed sores all over their combs, wattles, face, and legs and who may obviously seem generally sick with no explanation.   This moment is never a welcome one […]

  • Treating Illness in Poultry Flocks by Understanding Treatment Types

    At some point or another, every flock owner is likely to face illness in his flock.  Unfortunately, by the time the owner sees any symptoms, an illness has often existed longer than one would think and should be addressed quickly and taken seriously.  The nature of chickens, as birds, is to mask all symptoms as […]

  • Simple and Easy Steps for Preventing Coccidiosis

    Coccidiosis is an illness that causes a great deal of stress to chicken owners and can cause quick death to chickens.  Unfortunately, the cocci that cause this illness – tiny protozoa – are naturally present in the ground, just waiting to find a chicken as their host.  Preventing this quick-acting illness is easy and much […]

  • Are you ready for anything? Stocking your poultry first aid kit

    Keeping a well-stocked and flexible poultry first aid kit is a great way of being prepared for any eventuality and can be done easily and affordably with a little forethought. Caring for chickens with a good foundation of husbandry and knowledge generally means that everything runs more smoothly; however, illnesses and injuries will sometimes happen […]

  • Calcium: The Key to Beautiful Eggs and Healthy Hens

    Spring is finally on the way and many people are already seeing a welcome increase in eggs from their hens.  When the eggs start coming, calcium levels are important.  Do you know how to make sure your hens have what it takes to make strong, unbreakable egg shells? Calcium, like many other vital nutrients, is […]

  • Essential Secrets to Raising Healthy Baby Chicks

    Raising baby chicks can be one of the most rewarding ways of starting or perpetuating a wonderful chicken flock. Finding chicks is easy enough, but sometimes starting them can be a little trickier. There are secrets to starting a young flock which not only ensure less heartache during their brooding time, but also lead to […]

  • It IS possible to have fresh chicken eggs all winter!

    Feeling a little lacking in fresh chicken eggs? You may find at this time of year that your hens’ production starts to tail off somewhat – in conjunction with the days getting shorter. This is a perfectly natural cycle that most birds go through; you’ll find that your heritage breeds experience this the most, but […]

  • Chick Hatching Video

    We got to watch our chicks hatching!!!! It happened about 11:00 last night so we woke up the kids and all watched together. What a great experience. We even able to take a chick hatching video which we’ve posted below. The chicks hatched around 11:00 pm so the commentary gets a little silly at times but… […]

  • Momma Knows Best – Broody Hens

    So let’s set the scene here. You go out to your chicken coop one day, and open the door to collect eggs. There, in the nest box, is one of your hens. You reach down to slide the eggs from under her, but as you get close enough to touch her, she puffs up her […]

  • Chicken Swap

     Bill sent me an email with a link that advertised a Chicken Swap. What is a Chicken Swap, I asked. He wasn’t quite sure, but now that he heard there was such a thing, how could we not go and check it out?   We traveled to the local tractor supply store. There, similar to […]