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About Hoegger

About Hoegger


In 1935, Joe and Miriam Hoegger welcomed their first child into the world. But their son, also named Joe, was soon suffering from lack of nourishment.  No matter how much Miriam fed him, baby Joe never seemed to improve.  They soon were out of options and made the drive into Philadelphia to see a physician.  The doctor examined baby Joe and then gave a most unusual prescription – goat’s milk!  Joe immediately began visiting nearby farms to buy goats milk, but he wasn’t impressed with the farm conditions, so he bought his own dairy goats.  It was then he realized that while there were plenty of supplies to be had for dairy cattle owners, there was virtually nothing out there for goat owners.  By the end of the year, Joe was running Hoegger Supply out of his home and designing new products.




In 1938 the first Hoegger Supply catalog was released containing 30 products, most of them designed and manufactured by Joe himself.  He and Miriam went door-to-door again distributing the catalogs to farms and goat owners.  In 1940, Joe and Miriam welcomed their second child, Anne.  For the next 40 years, Hoegger Supply continued to operate out of their Milford, Pennsylvania home and the product catalog continued to grow.




In the late 1970’s Joe and Miriam moved Hoegger Supply to Fayetteville, GA to be close to their daughter Anne, who has continued to grow the business to this day.  She has been joined by her son Howie and his wife Tamara. The three of them form the core leadership team at Hoegger Supply and continue to do everything in their power to support their customers and others interested in raising goats, cheese making, soap making and just doing more for themselves.




In 2011, Hoegger Supply launched In addition to incorporating Hoegger Supply’s online store, was created to be an online resource for goat owners, cheese makers, soap makers and as a community for like-minded individuals.   Our hope is that this site will become a place where our customers and friends will be able find answers to their questions, learn and refine skills, connect with others and ultimately, be more successful in accomplishing their goals for their families and lives.  Thank you for being with us on this Journey.