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20 qt Pail
SKU: SKU5451
20 Qt Pail - Scratch & Dent
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3/8" Individual Tattoo Letters/Numbers
SKU: 5K-10A

Individual letters and numbers for the 3/8" Tattoo System

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A Cheesemaker's Journey
SKU: 24Z

A Cheesemaker's Journey is intended to be just that - a journey. Based on 35 years of experience making cheese, teaching cheesemaking classes across the country and working with other cheesemakers, Mary Jane Toth makes it easy to be successful making cheese in your own home. If you could only have one cheesemaking book, this would be it! *Perfect for the beginner to intermediate cheese maker *Includes "Easy Scale" to ensure your success *Beautifully Illustrated *Over 50 easy-to-understand recipes that really work * Increase you confidence by watching free online companion videos. Watch Mary Jane make Sour Cream, Feta, Mozzarella, Garlic & Chive, Soft French-Style, Cottage Cheese and Ricotta! All Videos are based on recipes from A Cheesemaker's Journey.

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All Breed Tattoo Alphabet Set
SKU: 5K-2

5K-2 Complete alphabet for All Breed 5/16 tattoo outfit.

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Ammonium Chloride
SKU: 20M-1
Calculi occur frequently in bucks, especially castrated males. The common symptom is difficult urination, indicated by stretching and straining to urinate with little or no success. Providing fresh water, free-choice nutrients, grass hay and seasonal browse will help prevent this problem. Over-graining should be avoided. Delaying castration as long as possible allows urinary system to mature. Ammonium Chloride may be used as a preventive and a treatment for urinary tract problems.
Treatment: 1 1/2 teaspoon mixed with water or juiue and drench orally.
Prevention: Combine 1 1/2 lbs of ammonium chloride with 25 lbs of loose minerals.
Comes in 8 oz size and 2 lb size


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Anise Star Essential Oil
SKU: 53A

This sweet smelling essential oil has a black licorice aroma. It can be used as a chest rub to relive symptoms of colds and coughs and also adds a great warm smell to soaps.


Incredible Benefits of Star Anise

Essential Oil

  • Aids in faster healing of wounds
  • Relieves cramps, coughs, aches, and diarrhea
  • Gives relief to rheumatic and arthritic pain
  • Helps to emlimate intestinal worms
  • Effective in clearing congestion in respiratory tract
  • Provides relief from anxiety and depression



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Baby Kit
SKU: 98AB1
Choose from Small Baby Kit or Large Baby Kit.
Small kit includes 20 ml bottle of Bovi Sera, a pritchard nipple, save a kid syringe, tube of colostrum gel, a dozen needles & syringes.
Large Kit includes 250 ml bottle of Bovi Sera, 10 pritchard nipples, save a kid syringe, 3 tubes of colostrum gel, a dozen needles & syringes.

During summer months, the product may arrive HOT. The ice pack will still have done its job. Please be sure to refrigerate your products as soon as they arrive.


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Bio-Mycin (100ml)
SKU: 18M-1
Formulated with a no-sting carrier, now approved for lactating animals with a 96 hour milk withdrawal. Used for the treatment of mastitis, respiratory infections, scours, foot rot and pink eye. Painless and stress free.
Adult dosage - Administer 4cc Sub-Q every third day for three treatments (ex. Monday, Thursday, and Sunday) [100ml/cc]
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Birthing Kit
SKU: 98D
• Kid Puller
• Triodine-7
• Navel Clamps
• 5 pair of Gloves • J-Lube
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Boer Goat Crossing Sign
SKU: SKU5444

12" x 12" Boer Goat Crossing Sign

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Bovi Sera
SKU: 3K1
Bovi Sera is an absolute MUST HAVE for any goat owner. Useful in the prevention and treatment of conditions such as pneumonia and enterotoxemia, passive immune failure in newborns and shipping fever complex in adults, Bova Sera provides an immediate boost to the immune system allowing goats to get back on their feet.

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Breakdown Soap Mold Box

Stack them and rack them, these quality soap mold boxes completely break down so that you can always get your soap out cleanly and easily. Made of premium pine and stainless steel screws. 5 LB - 16"L x 3.5"W x 2.75"H **FOR OPTIMAL PROTECTION OF YOUR SOAP BOX, PLEASE LINE WITH FREEZER PAPER****

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Canola Oil
SKU: SKU5310
Dietary fat, in moderation, is needed to provide energy and help absorb fat-soluble vitamins. Increasingly, it has become apparent that the type of fat in the diet is important. Certain fats such as omega-3 and omega-6 fats are essential for good nutrition and must be consumed as part of a healthy diet.

Canola oil provides more of the healthy fats than any other popular common cooking and salad oils. With its low saturated fat level, excellent balance of polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats, and its versatility and light taste, canola oil has found an important place in the world's kitchens, food products and restaurants. 1 pint
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Citronella Essential Oil
SKU: 53J

Citronella is commonly used as an insect repellant (mosquitoes and fleas) but also helps with excessive perspiration (when applies topically) and fatigue (when inhaled). Citronella has a lemon-like aroma with a bitter kicker. 1 oz

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Classic Camembert Cheese Mold
SKU: 58D

58D Top 4.3" X bottom 4.3" X ht. 4.3". Bottomless.

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Coconut Fragrance
SKU: 53G

What would the tropics be with out coconut? A true toasted coconut scent. Perfect by itself or in a blend. This scent is so versatile, your imagination is the limit. Discolors soap to off-white and is very light in cold process. Choose 1 oz or 1 pint (16 ozs)

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Cow Claw
SKU: SKU5446
4 inflations and stainless steel shells with cow claw
Market price: $249.95 save 20%
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Dairy Goats Reproduction
SKU: SKU5458

Introductory Price $18.65 Normally $24.95 

How do I know my goat is pregnant? What should I have on hand before my goat gives birth? How do I bottle feed newborn kids? What if something goes wrong? There are many questions goat owners ask when it comes to breeding, birthing, and milking dairy goats. What is normal? Is this goat pregnant? How do I know when to assist a birth? What do I do with all this milk? Dairy Goat Reproduction answers these questions and more. With nearly 300 pages covering information from nutrition to parturition to troubleshooting, along with recipes, this book is perfect for new and seasoned goat owners alike. Interwoven through the chapters are stories from the author’s own kidding stall, educational pictures, and tips and tricks. This book will walk you through the process of breeding dairy goats from the planning stage through caring for the kids and making delicious food with ingredients that come from your own back yard.


Author:  Rachel Payne

Market price: $24.95 save 25%
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DHIA Sample Ladle
SKU: 11J

A necessary utensil for every member of a DHIA test group. This seamless, stainless steel one ounce ladle has a 12” handle and meets all requirements for butterfat testing.

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Dimethox 40%
SKU: 17D-1
Coccidiosis: Primarily a danger for kids under 4 months who still have immature immune systems, this goat-specific parasitic protozoa invades the body, damaging the intestinal wall, causing water, bloody scours, dehydration, weight loss, stalled growth and often imflammation and secondary infections. It is usually caused by unclean or wet living conditions, overcrowding, and/or contamintated water or food.

In adults, it is often triggered by a compromised immune system due to other health issues or stress. One of coccidia's life cycles is a thick-wall spore (oocyst) that can live in the manure of an infected goat for a very long time. As others pick these oocysts when eating off the ground, they become infected.

250 ml bottle
For prevention: Oral dosing, 1/2 cc by mouth twice daily for one week. 1/2 cc once a week until weaned.
For treatment: Oral dosing 10 cc mixes with water or juice and dosed orally for five days.
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