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SKU: 53FV-1

This is the sweetest, most rich vanilla that we have found. An absolute must for vanilla fans. It tints soap to a creamy dark tan.

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SKU: 17E

When you need firm support, this unique elastic bandage is the answer. Vetrap sticks only to itself, not to skin or hair and requires no clips or pins because it won't slip or loosen. Excellent for holding dressing in place. 4" x 5 yard roll.

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Vitamin A D & E Gel
SKU: 18C-3

Vitamin A & D deficiencies can result in problems such as night blindness, kidding difficulties, and impared fertility. 80ml tube.

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Vitamin C Powder (Ascorbic Acid)
SKU: 32R

Vitamin C is absolutely essential for life. The health of the collagen in joints and spine and the manufacturing of cortisone by the adrenal glands are all dependent on Vitamin C. Without it, your goats cannot maintain good health. Under stressful conditions such as sickness and traveling, Vitamin C is depleted quickly. A heaping teaspoon of Vitamin C powder daily is a good prevention for a goat at risk. It is also a good detoxifier and can counteract snake, spider, and tick bites. It is also thought to aid in the control of cancer. Vitamin C combined with Copper Sulfate and Dolemite is recommended for treating many problems including the prevention and cure of mastitis. 1/2 level teaspoon = 2.25 grams of Vitamin C. 3.350% MDR 1lb Container

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