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Omega-3 Plus Energy Drench
SKU: 49F

A virtual nutritional power house that you can’t afford to be without. With a taste your goats will love and NO PROPYLENE GLYCOL, it’s loaded with concentrated Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids that are vital at every stage of your goat’s development. Kids, adults, pregnant does, breeding bucks and seniors can all benefit. Fatty acids are believed to inhance heart health, This formula also contains vitamins A, E, C, D3, B complex and protein. Jump start newborns, perk up show goats, reverse metabolic symptoms, and provide nutrition for goats that are off feed. Great ingredients make Omega-3 Energy Drench a fantastic supplement. 8 oz pump bottle.

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One-Way Tube Valve

Give your kids a helping hand with these one-way tube valves. The small check valves help keep the milk up in the tube which makes it easier to train a kid to drink from the tube feeders. Works with all our 2D kid feeders.

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Organic Iodine (1 lb.)
SKU: 32G

Iodine deficiency should always be considered as the base cause of almost all problems. In severe cases of deficiency, a swollen goiter will appear in the neck area. (A swelling in the neck area commonly called “bottle jaw” can be caused by a worm overload.) In mild cases of iodine deficiency, dandruff is a common symptom. A 1/2 oz. dose of iodine supplement can be added to the grain ration daily. A great side note: Kelp helps prevent iodine deficiency and should always be offered free choice. Don’t worry, a goat will only eat as much as they need. They will never overeat kelp.

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