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Mastitis Indicators
SKU: 20H

Guard your milking does against mastitis with these color indicators to test for positive identification of mastitis infection. Completely safe and very, very simple to use. 120 Tests per box.

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Mesophyllic Starter Culture
SKU: 16E

16E This versatile culture produces a variety of hard cheeses, such as cheddar, edam, jack, muenster and others.  Each packet contains enough culture to process 26 gallons of milk using the direct set method.  Choose from a single pack or discounted 3 pack.

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Metal Elastrator with rings

The modern method of bloodless castration and docking lambs and young goats. The elastrator is used to stretch a strong. specially compounded rubber ring over the scrotum to castrate lambs and young goats. Also used for docking(tailing) lambs. Circulation of blood is shut off almost immediately. Comes complete with 25 rings.

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Milking and Strainer Combo Set w/ Filters
SKU: 12D-5

6 qt stainless, seamless milking pail and strainer and 1 box of 200 filters.

Market price: $76.85 save 9%
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Mini DIY Luxury Bar Soap Kit
SKU: 58H

Enough to make 8 Luxury Bars of Soap.

Includes Handmade Soap Mold Tray, Lye, Olive Oil, Peanut Oil, Shortening, Lavender Essential Oil and Recipe.

Just add milk.

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Mini Filters [2-1/4"]
SKU: 12C-1

 These high quality non-gauze discs are designed for fast and effective gravity filtration. Random fiber distribution provides uniform microscopic sediment traps with no thin spots. 2-1/4" inch filters package of 300.

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SKU: 57R

Mary Jane makes soap making easy. Her simple goat milk recipe includes step by step instructions for perfect soap every time. This kit provides enough supplies to make over 100 bars. INCLUDES: 2 lbs Red Crown Lye 53LYE 2 qts Coconut oil 53CO 8 lbs of Lard 53B 1 oz Energy Fragrance 53FE 1 oz Lavender Essential Oil 53M 5 lb Breakaway soap mold box w/ cutter 53MC-5 Wire Whisk 70P-1 7.5 qt SS Mixing Bowl MB-1300 Gloves & Protective Goggles 52G & 53H

Market price: $151.60 save 8%
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Mozzarella Cheese Kit

What could be better to top your own pizza than fresh homemade mozzarella cheese? Start making the perfect mozzarella cheese with this new kit. The only thing you need to add is milk! Everything else is included here. When you buy this collection, you save over 15% from the individual retail prices! It includes:

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Multi-Kid Feeder

Enjoy the convenience of feeding a slew of kids at once. Simply rest the flat, blank side of the feeder against your legs white the kids nurse. No need to sacrifice the advantages of individual hand feeding just because you need a multi-kid feeder. No holder and welded tire rim needed to secure feeder. Square bucket fits snugly and securely against any flat surface (fence, pen, barn wall) or can be comfortably hand held. Tubeless gravity feeding means no tubes to wash, no special kid training and no bloating due to unwanted air in the stomach while feeding. Six specially-sized nipples designed for simple, easy, thorough cleaning. Leakproof bucket units enable kids to get every drop of milk. Eliminate the risk of deadly scours and e.coli that can result from improperly cleaned tube-type feeders and nipples. The complete multi-kid feeder includes: Sturdy 4 gallon square bucket with lid, 6 nipples, and 6 leak-proof nipple holders. The 49D Fenceline Hanger sold separately can be used to secure the bucket to a number of different wire fences. ***HOLDS 4 GALLONS OF MILK***

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