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Kefir Culture
SKU: 16J-1Z1

Enjoy rich and creamy kefir suitable for drinking plain or sweetened to taste. Kefir is a powerful probiotic, improves bone health,  helpful digestive aid, and much more!  Each packet contains enough culture to process 26 gallons of milk. For optimal freshness, store unused culture in freezer. Heat 1.5 gallons of milk to 86ºF Add 1/16th teaspoon of kefir culture to milk, let rehydrate for 1-3 minutes Stir milk for 1-2 minutes Let set for 12-24 hours or until desired consistency Store finished kefir in a refrigerator for up to one week

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Keto-Nia Drench (8oz)
SKU: 49E-1

For treatment of pregnancy ketosis. Use on every goat before and after kidding. Keto-Nia Drench provides Propylene Glycol, Niacin, and other B complex vitamins to maintain normal energy and vitamin levels following kidding. Guaranteed Analysis (per fl oz): Niacin..................1702mg Vitamin B6............8.88mg Vitamin B12.......88.88mcg Feeding Recommendations: Provide 1 ounce at the first sign of kidding and another 1 ounce six to twelve hours after kidding. If the first feeding is missed, a post delivery feeding is still beneficial. Each 8oz countainer provides eight 1oz feedings.

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Kid Box

This kid box is a great size for holding newborn to 1 month old kids. Enclosed box design allows disbudding and tattooing by one person. Features our exclusively designed Hoegger head piece which provides you full control and a broad base for safely supporting your hand and securing the kid’s head during disbudding. Choose size: Regular Pygmy/Dwarf

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Kid Jammies
SKU: 3D-4P

A specially designed Jammie for newborn kids. Ideal weather protection during their first few days. Made of soft, stretchy fabric that is warm, comfortable and washable. One size fits all. Comes in traditional pink or blue. AVAILABLE IN 2 QUANTITIES: SINGLE 3 PACK

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Kid Puller
SKU: 17L

This kid puller can save both the kid and the doe even in the most difficult of births. Professionally designed and constructed of high quality materials.

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