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Headpiece with Kid Holding Box Plans
SKU: 4C-2

Here’s the same great headpiece that we use on our Kid Box along with step by step detailed instructions for building a simple holding box. The headpiece is Mr. Hoegger’s own design. It provides you full control with a broad base for safely supporting your hand while securing the kid’s head during disbudding. A simple do-it-yourself project requiring only a minimum of materials and tools.

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Herbal Wormer
SKU: 20F-5

The original, all natural, herbal wormer is compounded especially for goats. This wormer contains no artificial chemicals and is non-toxic and non-sickening. Safe for kids & pregnant does. No milk dumping or withdrawal time for slaughter. 200 doses in every pound of wormer. Dosage for mature goats is 1 tsp (per 100lbs) weekly. We recommend an initial dosing of twice a day for three days in a row. Safe for most farm animals (including sheep!) except for cats. Dosage for chickens is 1 tsp. per 5 chickens mixed in feed weekly. Ingredients: Worm Wood, Gentian, Fennel, Psyllium, Quassia



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Hoegger Stainless Steel TOTE
SKU: 54

Hoegger Stainless Steel Totes...Stainless steel totes designed to meet the highest standards for home dairying. These traditional styled totes feature deep no-spill plug lids, seamless stainless steel construction, and comfortable, heavy wire bail handles. These totes are perfect for refrigerator storage and boast smooth tightly rolled edges. No home dairy is complete without these professional high quality totes.

Available in 4 qt

4 qt  5 1/2" Top Diameter  8 1/2" Height  6 1/2" Botttom Diameter

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Hoegger's Herbal Toner
SKU: 20E1

This all-natural herbal "tonic" tones and conditions, and encourages good health and sleek coats. It can be used in conjunction with our natural herbal wormer or used separately. 200 doses in every pound of tonic. Dosage: 1 tsp per 100 lbs twice a week. Ingredients: Buffalo Herb, Coltsfoot, Coriander Seed, Elder Flower, Fennel Seed, Irish Moss, Juniper Berry, Mullen Leaves, Sunflower Seed, Yarrow Herb

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Hoegger's Premium Mineral Blend

Providing your goats with a well-balanced mineral supplement is one of the most important things you can do to ensure a healthy herd. Hoegger Supply is pleased to offer a supplement that is balanced with vitamins and minerals that will help keep your goats healthy. Reading a mineral label can sometimes be confusing. Why does my goat need this? Listed below are the vitamins and minerals that goats need and why.

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Hoof 'n Heel
SKU: 19H

19H For fast healing of hoof and foot rot this tested veterinary-strength topical antibacterial penetrates deep into the hoof to attack infection, without causing the hoof to become shrunken, brittle, hard or discolored. Speeds healing of all types of hoof injury. Approved for use with dairy animals

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Hoof Knife
SKU: 26K-2

For overgrown hooves, a hoof knife can be a handy first start. Begin with the knife and then finish off with hoof trimmers and a hoof plane. Suitable for left or right hands Single 3 Pack

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Hoof Pick with brush
SKU: 26K

26K An essential little tool for cleaning the dirt from the hoof before trimming. Keep one handy for between-trim clean-up too.

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Horn Wire Saw

Disbudding is always our first choice. However, there are situations when it becomes necessary to trim the horns of a goat. If their horns have become dangerously long where they could get caught in a fence or accidently hurt a care giver, you could use this saw to remove the ends of the horn. There is a living core inside the horn that when cut too short, can cause severe bleeding. To avoid cutting too short, cut in small increments. Keep Blood Stopper (#17C) on hand just in case. (40’ of 17 mm wire and two SS saw handles)

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