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10x Orange Essential Oil

Juicy, ripe and delicious are the words that describe our orange essential oil. No fake orange here, just yummy fresh citrus. Our favorite quality of this oil is that it isn't a photosensitizer - so it is great to use in lip balm!  1 oz




Market price: $5.95 save 17%
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12 cc Syringe
SKU: 18D-3

Sterile, disposable, plastic syringed are compatible with all known medications and provide smooth draw and effortless injection(sturdy enough to withstand boiling so they can be reused several times). Packaged in individual sterile wrappers. Needles sold separately (Item #18E)

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3/8" Complete Tattoo Alphabet Set
SKU: 5K-7

5K-7 Complete alphabet for 3/8 tattoo outfit.

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3/8" Individual Tattoo Letters/Numbers
SKU: 5K-10A

Individual letters and numbers for the 3/8" Tattoo System

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3/8" Tattoo Kit w/ alphabet, green ink, & tattoo case
SKU: 5K-14

Includes: • 3/8” Tattoo System which includes: Tongs w/ear release (5K-9) Numbers Set 0-9 (5K-8) Black Ink...as well as • Complete Alphabet (5K-7) • Tattoo Carrying Case (5K-1) • Roll On Green Ink (5E)

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3/8" Tattoo Number Set, 0-9
SKU: 5K-8
5K-8 Numbers 0-9 for 3/8 tattoo outfit.
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3/8" Tattoo Outfit with Ear Release
SKU: 5K-6

5K-6 This new tattoo outfit features slightly larger letters and numbers that are so much easier to read. The outfit features tongs with spring-loaded ear release and a 4-digit head, 3/8" numbers 0-9 and black ink. When you compare the quality and the low price you'll agree that this tattoo outfit simply can't be beat.
Note: Numbers and letters cannot be used with Stone equipment.

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