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A Cheesemaker's Journey
SKU: 24Z
A Cheesemaker's Journey is intended to be just that - a journey. Based on 35 years of experience making cheese, teaching cheesemaking classes across the country and working with other cheesemakers, Mary Jane Toth makes it easy to be successful making cheese in your own home. If you could only have one cheesemaking book, this would be it!

*Perfect for the beginner to intermediate cheese maker

*Includes "Easy Scale" to ensure your success

*Beautifully Illustrated

*Over 50 easy-to-understand recipes that really work

* Increase you confidence by watching free online companion videos. Watch Mary Jane make Sour Cream, Feta, Mozzarella, Garlic & Chive, Soft French-Style, Cottage Cheese and Ricotta! All Videos are based on recipes from A Cheesemaker's Journey.
Our price: $19.95
A.I. Light
SKU: 29D
Lightweight and flexible. Clips to speculum for two-hand freedom. Puts the light where you need it.
Our price: $44.95
A.I. Lube Jelly (5 oz.)
SKU: 30C
Quality lubricant, water soluble and non-spermicidal.
Our price: $5.95
A.I. Sheath Carrier
SKU: 29C
Lightweight, durable aluminum, holds up to 28 sheaths. 18" x 2" in diameter.
Our price: $13.95
A.I. Thermometer
SKU: 29E
Pocket test bimetal thermometer with 1" dial and 5" stem. Reads 0 to 220°F.
Our price: $16.95
A.I./Goat Stand
SKU: 30K
This A.I./Goat Stand greatly improves your artificial insemination technique as well as making hoof trimming, medicating, and grooming easier. Steel construction makes this stand durable and the design guarantees that the doe will be held securely and comfortably in place with the adjustable body sling. Of course, the stand is also perfect for milking, too. Side rails and sling can be easily removed and the optional side seat, sold separately, can be installed on either side of the platform. You will find a million and one uses for this stand. How did you ever keep goats without it? Comes with rails, sling and tie-down.

Our price: $415.00
Acid Testing Paper Roll
SKU: 15T-4

Acid Testing Paper is used to test the pH of milk, curds, and whey with a range of 1.0 to 11.0 making it a MUST for cheese making. Reading the pH is very important, especially for curds such as Mozzarella, Provolone, etc., because they will not be as stretchy if the pH is not between 5.1 and 5.3. [15 ft Roll]

Our price: $6.95
Additional Tamper Evident Caps
Extra tamper evident caps for our 1 Quart Traditional Milk Bottles.

**Milk Bottles Sold Separately (Item #61M)**
Our price: $2.00

Adjustable Focus LED Flashlight
SKU: 62H
You’re going to love this flashlight! The adjustable
focus optics provides the ability to adjust the beam from
flood to focus for increased range. Also features a 3 stage
tactical tail switch that toggles the beam between hi-power,
low-power and strobe. 130 Lumins with a runtime of 6 hours.
Powered by 3 AAA batteries and incased in a 5” black aluminum
body with a comfortable over-molded rubber handle, this flashlight
compares to units that sell for five times the price.
Our price: $27.95
Air Express
SKU: 55H
The Air Express III™ is the only blower on the market to be awarded two U. S. Patents. With its
exclusive aerodynamics, efficient design and cartridge filter system, the Air Express III™ has set
the new standard. There simply is no other blower that matches the Features, Power and Value
of the Air Express III™. Sold complete with hose, filter and hose clamp. Comes
in lots of color choices. Choose one to fit your color scheme. $25.00 FOB Shipping


Our price: $399.50

All Breed 5/16" Letter/Number
SKU: 5K-4A
5K-4 Individual Letters and Numbers for the All Breed 5/16" Tattoo Outfit.
Our price: $1.95

All Breed 5/16" Tattoo Kit w/ alphabet, green ink, and case
SKU: 5K-13
• All Breed 5/16” Tattoo System which includes: Tongs w/ear release (5K-12)
Numbers Set 0-9 (5K-3)
Black well as
• Complete Alphabet (5K-2)
• Tattoo Carrying Case (5K-1)
• Roll On Green Ink (5E)

Our price: $79.95
All Breed 5/16" Tattoo System with Ear Release
SKU: 5K-11
Choose the tattoo system that has all the most popular features in one great outfit, at a price that can't be beat. Ideal for Pygmy, Dairy breeds, and meat goats, too. The tongs are compact with a 5" spring-action handle. 1 1/4 head holds five figures. These tongs come with an ear-release. The tattoo figures are 5/16" high, rust proof, precision ground with stainless steel needles for a perfect, even imprint with locking tabs that mean no danger of "upside down" placement.
Our price: $39.95
All Breed Tattoo Alphabet Set
SKU: 5K-2
5K-2 Complete alphabet for All Breed 5/16 tattoo outfit.
Our price: $26.95
All Breed Tattoo Number Set, 0-9
SKU: 5K-3
5K-3 Numbers 0-9 for All Breed Tattoo outfit.
Our price: $10.95
All Natural Stain Remover
SKU: 28M-1

Our all natural Stain Remover works well on hard and soft surfaces. This blend of plant based surfectants and cleaning agents is tough on stains yet easy on the environment. Smells pleasant AND gets the job done!

Our price: $6.95
All-Breed Carrying Case with Built-in Digit Holder
SKU: 5K-1
5K-1 Organize your All Breed Tattoo system in this carrying case that is fitted with die cut styrene tray that displays all your numbers and letters securely for easy selection. No separate digit holder needed. Can also be used with the Stone .300 system. Does not fit 3/8 systems.
Our price: $15.95
Almond Fragrance
For Almond lovers, this is the one that you have to try! Our Almond is strong and true, with an almost-imperceptible floral note to round out the scent. Our Almond should be in every stable of basic scents. Great with vanilla!
Our price: $3.95
Aluminum Fold-Up Stand
SKU: AL0745
This aluminum fold-up stand only weighs 30lbs. It has a 20" x 48" deck and is 17 1/2" off the ground. No need for a curved neck reach as the neck reach and head piece extends out from the deck 8". The minimum neck reach and head piece height is 22" with a maximum height of 43". FOB SHIPPING $ 44.34
Our price: $360.00
Aluminum Fold-up Stand with Stanchion (#AL736)
SKU: AL0736
You have been asking for it, and now it has arrived. The "NEW" aluminum fold-up stand w/ goat stanchion weighs only 34lbs. It has a 20" x 48" deck and is 17 1/2" off the ground. The stanchion head piece can be extended out 8" from the deck to accommodate larger goats. The minimum stanchion height is 16" with a maximum height of 37". Unit includes a 1' poly feed trough.
Our price: $485.00