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Kefir Grains
SKU: 16K-1
Traditional Heirloom-style kefir culture (grains due to appearance). Not a powdered starter culture
Reusable culture; makes a new batch of kefir aver 18-48 hours
Cultures on the counter at 67 to 80 degrees; no heating required
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Water Kefir Grains
SKU: 16K-3
Originating in Mexico, water kefir grains (also known as sugar kefir grains) allow for the fermentation of sugar water or juice to create a carbonated lacto-fermented beverage. Incredibly easy to brew, the starter culture can create a new batch of kefir every 24 to 48 hours. This makes a fantastic non-dairy alternative to milk kefir and can be flavored after brewing to make a variety of delicious sodas. If you are looking to replace soda pop, your family will love it!

Traditional heirloom-style kefir culture (called "grains" due to appearance); not a powdered starter culture
Gluten-free, dairy-free, vegan
Reusable culture; makes a new batch of kefir every 24 to 48 hours
With proper care, the culture can be used indefinitely to create delicious probiotic-rich kefir
Cultures on the counter at 67° to 80°F, no heating appliance required
Can be used with sugar water, fruit juice, and coconut water

Description: Kefir consists of lactic acid bacteria and yeast existing in a symbiotic relationship. The benefits are similar to those of milk kefir (dairy kefir) but the average person will be able to consume larger amounts of it due to its water base. Click here for information on the numerous strains of yeast and bacteria generally known to comprise water kefir grains.

Please note: kefir grains may or may not multiply due to a number of factors but they can be used repeatedly to create wonderful carbonated beverages.
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Yogurt Culture
SKU: 16H

This culture produces a delicious homemade yogurt scientifically balanced to insure complete nutrition and great taste. It produces delicious yogurt in 4 1/2 hours. Wonderful for all low-carb diets. [1 box = 6 x 5g packets]




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Kefir Culture
SKU: 16J-1
Enjoy rich and creamy kefir suitable for drinking plain or sweetened to taste. This cultured drink has many health benefits. Each 5 gram packet makes 1 quart of kefir as a direct set or they can be recultured in a manner similar to yogurt.

[1 Box = 6 x 5g Packets]

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Yogourmet-Multi Electric Yogurt Maker
SKU: 15L
Health, nutrition and good taste are all available when you use the Yogourmet-Multi Electric Yogurt Maker. There is no disputing the benefits of yogurt, or that the best yogurt is the kind you make yourself, at home. Yogurt is produced through a process of fermentation, and proper fermentation requires precise temperature control. That is why we offer this high-quality electric yogurt make that is easy to operate and absolitely unique in features. Made of food-grade plastic, it contains no PVC materials. Extra batch containers are available in either plastic or glass. Use with any of our yogurt cultures.

Includes: Yogurt strainer bag, packet of Yogurt starter culture & a small dial thermometer [15D]

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Extra Batch Container [Glass]
SKU: 15L-2
For use with the 2 Quart Electric Yogurt Maker [15L]
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Non-Electric Yogotherm Yogurt Maker [2QT]
SKU: 15F-2
Make creamy delicious yogurt every time with this non-electric two quart yogurt incubator. Super insulated to retain the necessary uniform temperature for hours. Portable and lightweight. Everything is included to make your own natural, healthful yogurt, including a package of Yogurt Starter Culture [16H]
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Extra Batch Container for Non-Electric Yogurt Maker[Plastic]
For use with the 2qt Non-Electric yogurt maker [15F-2]
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Traditional Ice Cream Scoop
SKU: AD-16
Make dishing up a breeze with our traditional, self-defrosting aluminum Ice Cream Scoop. It really works!!!
Market price: $6.95 save 43%
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