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Watering Supplies

watering supplies for small livestock.


Hanging Bucket Holders
SKU: 8J-1

One of the handiest farm products you’ll ever buy. Saves time and money in spilled water and feed. Beautifully crafted of 1/4” wire with baked-on epoxy finish. Easy to install. Choose from two styles of mounting brackets; either for hanging over a 2x4 board, or hanging onto a wire fence or cattle panel. Available in double bucket styles that are perfect for grain and water.


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Hook n' Feed Bucket
SKU: 10L

Versatile 8 Quart flat-back pail doubles as a feeder or a water bucket. It fits flat against any wall. Features durable molded brackets for hanging easily over any 2x4 board. Constructed of fiberglass reinforced poly for extra durability and strength in both hot and cold weather. The easy-pour lip and hand-hold bracket make this little pail a real winner.

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GOAT Trough Protector
SKU: 8E-2
Provide continuously clean healthy drinking water by adding 1/2 oz of Water Protector to every 5 gal It safely breaks down organic contaminates with natural enzymes without disturbing the mineral content of the water. Simply rinse away any debris that collects when refilling and re-add. [1 liter]
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