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Vitamin Supplements

Minerals and health care supplements.


Herbal Toner
SKU: 20E1
This all natural herbal "tonic" tones and conditions, and encourages good health and sleek coats. It can be used in conjunction with our natural herbal wormer (20F) or used seperately. 200 doses in every pound of tonic.


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Thorvin Kelp (5 lbs.)
SKU: 20K
Helps regulate metabolism, enhance feed utilization, improves breeding problems and overall milk production. Food grade Thorvin Kelp is a rich source of iodine, nutrients, amino acids, and vitamins. Produced under low temperature drying ensures the proper moisture levels for vitamin and amino acid stability and complete digestion and assimilation. Economical to use - 1 to 2% of the feed ration costs pennies a day. Also recommended as a great dietary supplement for ALL your animals, including cats and dogs. 5 lbs

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Sodium Bicarbonate (3 lbs.)
SKU: 22H
Tried and tested, this special form of "baking soda" has been used successfully with millions of animals over the years. When feeding high energy rations your goats may not be producing enough sodium bicarbonate in their saliva to buffer rumen acids. Turn to Arm & Hammer with confidence to keep rumen pH within limits and keep your goats on their feed. An "ounce" of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Feed 1 oz. of Sodium Bicarbonate each day keep indigestion away.

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Organic Iodine (1 lb.)
SKU: 32G
Iodine deficiency should always be considered as the base cause of almost all problems. In severe cases of deficiency, a swollen goiter will appear in the neck area. (A swelling in the neck area commonly called “bottle jaw” can be caused by a worm overload.) In mild cases of iodine deficiency, dandruff is a common symptom. A 1/2 oz. dose of iodine supplement can be added to the grain ration daily.

A great side note: Kelp helps prevent iodine deficiency and should always be offered free choice. Don’t worry, a goat will only eat as much as they need. They will never overeat kelp.

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Diamond V XPC Yeast Culture
SKU: 10R
This sought after feed ingredient is produced by fermenting selected liquid and cereal grain raw ingredients with Baker’s yeast and drying the entire culture-media without destroying the yeast factors, B vitamins and other fermentation products. It is used in a wide variety of livestock dairy, poultry and pet foods. Producted completely in the United States, it is recognized as safe, “GRAS” by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. For kids/lambs feed 2 grams per head. (1 LB)
Improves digestion and the extraction of nutrients from feed
Boosts immune system
Buffers acid pH
Prevents or eliminate feed related diarrhoea
Prevents bloating/gas and soft manure when feeding grain
Minimises the stress of travelling
Source of B vitamins and folic acid

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Fortified Vitamin B-12 Oral Gel (15 ml)
SKU: 18T-11
Vitamin B complex is used as a nutritional supplement and is helpful in situations where health problems have caused weakness and susceptibility to secondary infections. 15 ml oral gel.

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Vitamin B Complex (100 ml) -
SKU: 18T
Vitamin B complex is used as a nutritional supplement and is helpful in situations where health problems have caused weakness and susceptibility to secondary infections. SubQ injection, 3cc-5cc dosage.

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Vitamin A D & E Gel
SKU: 18C-3
Vitamin A & D deficiencies can result in problems such as night blindness, kidding difficulties, and impared fertility. 80ml tube.

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Selenium/Vitamin E Gel
SKU: 22L-1
Used in the treatment and prevention of selenium-deficiency symptoms such as infertility, uterus infections (endometrium), retained placenta and white muscle disease.

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Iron Supplement Paste (30 mg)
SKU: 18F
An unchecked worm infestation results in a low red blood cell count (anemia). You will need to give an iron supplement to stimulate appetite and restore the blood count to normal. This formula contains 100 mg of usable chelated iron per dose as well as probiotics to promote rapid absorption, microbial balance in the intestinal tract and improved digestion.

Packaged in an easy-to-use 30-dose oral syringe.
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Iron Injectable (Ferrodex 100)
SKU: 18T-2
Rebuilding red blood cells is a slow process. Injectable iron can be safely used at a rate of 4 cc:100 lbs of body weight every other day for a week and then once a week. Progress should be monitored by watching for improvement in the color of the lining of the lower eyelid. It should be a deep salmon color when all is well. 100 ml bottle.
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Vitamin C Powder (Ascorbic Acid)
SKU: 32R
Vitamin C is absolutely essential for life. The health of the collagen in joints and spine and the manufacturing of cortisone by the adrenal glands are all dependent on Vitamin C. Without it, your goats cannot maintain good health. Under stressful conditions such as sickness and traveling, Vitamin C is depleted quickly. A heaping teaspoon of Vitamin C powder daily is a good prevention for a goat at risk. It is also a good detoxifier and can counteract snake, spider, and tick bites. It is also thought to aid in the control of cancer.
Vitamin C combined with Copper Sulfate and Dolemite is recommended for treating many problems including the prevention and cure of mastitis.
1/2 level teaspoon = 2.25 grams of Vitamin C. 3.350% MDR

1lb Container
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