Ammonium Chloride
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Calculi occur frequently in bucks, especially castrated males. The common symptom is difficult urination, indicated by stretching and straining to urinate with little or no success. Providing fresh water, free-choice nutrients, grass hay and seasonal browse will help prevent this problem. Over-graining should be avoided. Delaying castration as long as possible allows urinary system to mature. Ammonium Chloride may be used as a preventive and a treatment for urinary tract problems.
Comes in 8 oz size (4 1/4 oz dose) and 2 lb size (Up to 128 1/4-oz. doses) 

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Urinary Dysfunction [Homeopathic]
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Natural remedy to provide relief from urinary dysfunction. Effective for fluid retention, urinary tract infection and suppressed urination due to anxiety or fear. Dosage: 1 ml. 3 times daily in water or directly into the oral cavity.
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