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Fight Bac
SKU: 21A

This time-tested teat disinfectant for the prevention of mastitis eliminates the problem of teat dip contamination by hair, flies and manure. Fight Bac contains 0.4% chlorhexidine, a proven effective disinfectant plus glycerine to promote healthy tissue and prevent chapping. Economical to use. 600 applications per can. . No need to scramble around when you need it. 22 oz.


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SKU: 20G

Udder Balm is a soothing antiseptic ointment for relieving soreness in udders and teats, reducing congestion as it heals and softens.


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CMT: California Mastitis Test
SKU: 20J

A proven method for detecting and identifying does with mastitis infection. This simple procedure (mix a small amount of milk with reagent) gives you a positive or negative reading. Kit consists of four-cup test paddle, squeeze bottle reagent dispenser and 16-oz. bottle of concentrate which makes a full gallon. Easy-to-follow directions included.

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Mastitis Indicators
SKU: 20H

Guard your milking does against mastitis with these color indicators to test for positive identification of mastitis infection. Completely safe and very, very simple to use. 120 Tests per box.


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Leaker Seal Teat Tape
SKU: 20D

This teat tape has breathable adhesive for leaking teats and also proves helpful in weaning kids.


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Teat/Navel Cord Dipper
SKU: 21C

The Uni Dipper is a fully non-return lateral style, low profile dip cup suitable for goats and sheep. It is ideal for dairy farmers who prefer a “side-action” dipping routine such as in a stanchion barn milking. It features an anti-drip lip, handy belt hook, and twin tubes which make it suitable for all types of dips. Can also be used as a navel cord dipper.

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Teat Infusion Cannulas (pkg 20)
SKU: 18X

These individually wrapped, disposable, sterile cannulas are perfect for administering the Goat Serum Concentrate directly into the teat when treating for mastitis. The cannulas fit both Luer-lock and Luer-slip syringes. 20 Cannulas per package.


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