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Aluminum Stanchion
SKU: AL0735
Accessory for the Aluminum Fold-up Stand(AL0745)
Our price: $155.00
Build Your Own -Plans +Feeder
SKU: 735-1
Build you own milking stand plans. Includes feeder. Building material list, detailed instructions, and pictures
Our price: $29.95
SKU: 14S
Ideal for an on-the-go worker, the Duratote Stool combines both a tote box and step stool for all your general needs. The tote box is great for storing your milking supplies and the heavy duty step stool is the perfect sitting height for milking. Comes with a moveable handle for easy carrying.
Perfect combination step stool/grooming tote for barn, trailer or shows
Outer step stool has 300 lb. weight capacity w/non-skid surface
Inner tray holds all of your milking or grooming supplies
Small internal tray fits over handle hold hoof picks or braiding materials
Can be used individually or carried as one unit with convenient carry handle
Secure contents with padlock through hole in handle
Measures: 14H x 20L x 16 D
Our price: $43.95
Goat Stanchion Bench (#736B)
SKU: 736B
Side bench for goat stand.

Our price: $65.00
Goat Stanchion with Stand (#736)
SKU: 736
Compare the features and you'll be sold on this stand as the ultimate in milking and grooming convenience. The unit is complete with deck, stanchion and pail. Stanchion headpiece can be adjusted up or down to accommodate both large and small goats. Deck measures 20" x 48" x 17" high, finished in the highest quality enamel. Optional, detachable side seat is available. Both the stand and the optional side seat fold for ease in transporting and storage. Optional accessories available.

Our price: $360.00
Wooden Stand
SKU: 735
Enjoy the warmth and durability of pine wood milking stand. Your girls will love it and so will you. We sure love ours. Handmade in-house right here in Fayetteville, GA. Includes a feeding trough. Deck measures 49 x 17 high. Some assembly required. In the 1940s, our founder, Joe Hoegger, would travel from state to state setting up milking parlors for goat owners. The effects of his knowledge and skill in the goat industry are still felt today. A wooden milking stand was a staple in every milk parlor that he designed. The warmth and durability of a wooden milk stand harkens back to the look and feel of an old-time farmstead. Whether you are milking by hand or using one of our milking machines, this stand will do the job.
Our price: $199.95
Side Rails with Safety Brackets (#721)
SKU: 721
This is the complete set of #720 safety rails and the #720B safety rail brackets. Used for Goat Stands #736, #737, #780, & #781.

Our price: $65.00
Horned Goat Stanchion with Stand (#737)
SKU: 737
Stand to fit just about any size of horns on a sheep or goat. This stand is adjustable in height for your smallest to your tallest goats. Deck can be used with other types of head pieces as well. Accessories and feeder sold separately.
Our price: $290.00
Wheel Kit for Goat Stand (#745WK)
SKU: 745WK
These handy 6 inch wheels make moving your trimming stand easy. The 1 1/4 inch square tubing easily slides over the 1 inch square tubing legs on the Sydell trimming stands.
Our price: $35.00
Horned Goat Stanchion ONLY (#738)
SKU: 738
A head stanchion to fit just about any size of horns on a sheep or goat, adjustable height, will fit on any Sydell trimming stand. Stand and Poly Feeder sold separately.



Our price: $95.00
Ramp for Goat Stand (#745R)
SKU: 745R
Getting animals up on the stand can be made easy with this ramp. The ramp can be attached to any of the sydell fold-up stands. Dimensions are 20 1/4 inches wide x 36 inches long.
Our price: $130.00
Weigh Sling
9E Combine this heavy-duty canvas sling with our Dairy Scale (#5A) and you have the perfect way to weigh your kid goats. Safely holds kids up to 50 lbs. with no sagging or slipping. 11" wide x 36" long x 1/2".
Our price: $24.95
Market price: $28.95 save 14%
Goat Milking Stanchion (#1050)
SKU: 1050
(Pictured in closed positions). Each unit features an automatic lock, individual release and an optional gang release. The units are independent to enable you to set up as many in a row as you need. Optional poly feed troughs can be easily removed for clean up and the deep trough design keeps goats from reaching one another's feed. Feed troughs and stanchion release unit are optional features.

Our price: $120.00
Aluminum Fold-up Stand with Stanchion (#AL736)
SKU: AL0736
You have been asking for it, and now it has arrived. The "NEW" aluminum fold-up stand w/ goat stanchion weighs only 34lbs. It has a 20" x 48" deck and is 17 1/2" off the ground. The stanchion head piece can be extended out 8" from the deck to accommodate larger goats. The minimum stanchion height is 16" with a maximum height of 37". Unit includes a 1' poly feed trough.
Our price: $485.00
Aluminum Fold-Up Stand
SKU: AL0745
This aluminum fold-up stand only weighs 30lbs. It has a 20" x 48" deck and is 17 1/2" off the ground. No need for a curved neck reach as the neck reach and head piece extends out from the deck 8". The minimum neck reach and head piece height is 22" with a maximum height of 43". FOB SHIPPING $ 44.34
Our price: $360.00
Ramp for Aluminum Stand
SKU: AL0745R
This quick attach ramp just slides over the back leg of the Aluminum Fold-up Stand. Can be removed and set aside for working all around your sheep/goats. Optional ramp is a practical addition to your stand to help your goats on and off. Especially important for a doe with a large or pendulous udder.

Our price: $195.00
Grooming Headpiece and Sleeve
SKU: 731-S
Grooming Headpiece and Sleeve FOR #736 GOAT STAND.
Our price: $47.00
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