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Wooden Stand
SKU: 735
Enjoy the warmth and durability of pine wood milking stand. Your girls will love it and so will you. We sure love ours. Handmade in-house right here in Fayetteville, GA. Includes a feeding trough. Deck measures 49” x 17” high. Some assembly required. In the 1940’s, our founder, Joe Hoegger, would travel from state to state setting up milking parlors for goat owners. The effects of his knowledge and skill in the goat industry are still felt today. A wooden milking stand was a staple in every milk parlor that he designed. The warmth and durability of a wooden milk stand harkens back to the look and feel of an old-time farmstead. Whether you are milking by hand or using one of our milking machines, this stand will do the job.
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