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Stainless Steel


Stainless Molds
SKU: SKU5326
For you do-it-yourselfers. You would need to supply the follower and weight for setting the cheese. Set of two stainless steel molds. The smaller 4" diameter mold holds 1 3/4 lbs of cheese. The larger 6" diameter mold holds 3 3/4 lbs of cheese. Whey drains from the bottom which keeps cheese from drying out.

WHILE SUPPLIES LAST!!! These molds are polished, however, have a poor quality laser weld. They are being sold below cost while they last.
Market price: $45.00 save 33%
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Strip Cup Top Only
SKU: SKU5417
Have lots of strip cup tops, but no bottoms. We found that they fit great in a yogurt container. So, supply your own container and get stripping.
Market price: $17.95 save 45%
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7 Gallon SS Milker Bucket (55 lbs)
SKU: SKU5195
Used: This stainless steel bucket holds 7 gallons or 27 liters. Has solid welding so the welds won't break. Double stainless steel lip is welded to guard against warpage and insure a tight seal. High polished finish.
Market price: $225.00 save 13%
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SKU: SKU5325
The original Standard Flo Vu was the first to have the stainless steel top and twist off plastic bowl. This claw is a smaller design of the DeLaval Super Flo Claw, it has become a favorite for many producers due to its compact design. The highly sanitary rounded milk chamber has no corners and is very easily cleaned. It provides proper air admission via the air vent provides the correct amount of air required to move the milkout of the claw quickly. Add the available air vent with take off clip to the claw and this popular claw is able to be used with a detacher making it a very versatile claw.
Market price: $119.00 save 40%
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