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Aluminum Fold-Up Stand
SKU: AL0745
This aluminum fold-up stand only weighs 30lbs. It has a 20" x 48" deck and is 17 1/2" off the ground. No need for a curved neck reach as the neck reach and head piece extends out from the deck 8". The minimum neck reach and head piece height is 22" with a maximum height of 43". FOB SHIPPING $ 44.34
Our price: $360.00
Ramp for Aluminum Stand
SKU: AL0745R
This quick attach ramp just slides over the back leg of the Aluminum Fold-up Stand. Can be removed and set aside for working all around your sheep/goats. Optional ramp is a practical addition to your stand to help your goats on and off. Especially important for a doe with a large or pendulous udder.

Our price: $195.00
Exhibitor Number Clip
SKU: 55J-1
This leather exhibitor number clip can be
clipped onto a pocket or used with a belt.
Available in Black or Brown.

Our price: $8.95

Double Clip Leather Show Lead
SKU: 7J-6

Nothing looks as professional as a high-quality leather show lead. Similar in the design to the nylon show lead, but the leather show lead features rolled leather for a comfortable fit in your hand and the chrome thumb-release snaps are attached with fashionable stitching.

Our price: $12.95
Double Clip Show Lead
SKU: 7J-5R
Now you can match your show collar with your double clip goat lead. 11" tip to tip x 3/4" 2-ply nylon webbing is both practical and attractive for use when showing your goats using either show chain or nylon show collars. The small size snaps to attach to each ring allowing you to lead your goat in the ring without the choke collar effect.
Our price: $4.95

Leather Show Lead
SKU: 61W-1
These double ended leather show leads are soft on
your hands because they have a hidden seam, and
are perfectly suited for that class that has lots of
entrants. You can comfortably control your animal for
as long as needed with this lead.

Our price: $19.95

Nylon Show Collar
SKU: 7J-3R
Classic styling and fine craftsmanship. Available in red, blue, gold or black 3/4” nylon. All of the show collars provide that extra control that’s so necessary in the show ring. [Please specify color]

The round braided nylon show collar is available in kid size (16" long) and in doe size (24" long) and comes in red, blue, gold and black. **YOU CAN ADJUST THE NUMBER ORDERED ON THE FINAL ORDER PAGE.
Our price: $3.75

Show Chain Collars
SKU: 7J-1S

Classic styling and fine craftsmanship are the hallmark of these beautiful show collars. The chain collars are available in "silver" finish and feature satin-smooth rounded links that are comfortable to the hand and sturdy enough to guide the most reluctant goat. All of the show collars provide that extra control that's so necessary in the show ring.

Our price: $4.95

Show Blanket
SKU: 55R
These blankets are specifically designed to use on
goats. White canvas material with bound edges provides
warmth and cleanliness. Partial front velcro opening and
one strap behind front legs allows easy on and easy off.
Medium and Large
Our price: $33.95

Goat Tube
SKU: 55N-1
Stretch cotton tube designed to keep your goat
clean after clipping. Also helps provide warmth in
winter months. The best in quality. Sometimes a goat
just needs his stretchy pants. Machine washable.
[S, M & L in Royal Blue]
Our price: $21.95

SKU: 55M
Protect your goats from eating things it shouldn’t
while at the show. We’ve seen goats get sick from
eating processed wood chips provided for bedding
at the show. A heavy-duty muzzle. It has a canvas
top and back, and two layers of mesh material.
The strap has a buckle for size adjustment
Our price: $9.95
SKU: 62Z
Minimize hay loss with this durable, easy-to-fill hay
bag. It features a round feed hole for easy access, an
inner liner for added durability and a dee on the back
for easy snap attachment.
Our price: $19.95
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