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Self Sufficiency


Five Acres and Independence
SKU: 23E
23E The famous 1940 classic on homesteading, written by one of the most prominent men in American agriculture. It's as fresh and relevant today in it's basic down-to-earth advise on natural farming methods. Subjects covered include: land drainage, soil improvement, septic tanks, cellars, irrigation, greenhouses, planting crops, raising animals (including goats, of course). Be prepared. After reading this book, there will be no stopping you! by M.G. Kains. Softbound, 397 pages.
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JUST IN CASE (How to be Self-Sufficient)
SKU: 49X
by Kathy Harrison
Disaster can strike at any time. How will your family stay warm fed and sheltered during a power outage? Do you have an evacuation plan if you are forced to leave your home? This book has information that will save lives. Book also comes with a large, handy refrigerator magnet that will remind you in an instant of things you need to do to be ready for any emergency. Softbound, 230 pages
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