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Scales, Scoops, and DHIA


Dairy Scale
Recording milk production is a vital aspect of good dairy management. This scale has a 70 lb capacity with two revolutions of the dial. Calibrated in 1/10th lb increments. Features two pointers; one to adjust for the weight of the pail and the other to indicate the actual weight of the milk.
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Scale Container/Scoop
Accessorize your hanging scale with this handy container/scoop. Constructed of galvanized steel for durability. Complete with chains and hook for convenience in attaching to your scale. Can be used with any of our scales on this page.
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DHIA Sample Ladle
SKU: 11J
A necessary utensil for every member of a DHIA test group. This seamless, stainless steel one ounce ladle has a 12” handle and meets all requirements for butterfat testing.
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