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Hoegger Maple Wood Cheese Press
SKU: 15A

Our time-honored hardwood design, noted for quality and efficiency over the years by home cheese makers everywhere. Solid-walled molds force bottom drainage, preventing unwanted ‘brittle’ cheese. Perfect for making all varieties of hard cheese.

Complete press includes all Stainless Steel hardware, hand finished solid hardwood base, crosspiece and 2 sizes of molds of food grade plastic. Often imitated but never duplicated!

Our price: $129.95

Cheese Press Pressure Scale
SKU: 15A-3

Take the guesswork out of making hard cheese. Our Stainless Steel pressure regulator allows you to set the precise amount of pressure required in hard cheese recipes. Unique precision engineering guarantees true PSI readings. It is calibrated from 10-50 lbs. This scale is very easy to use, is sanitary, and can be easily disassembled, then reassemble for complete cleaning. With this scale you’ll make perfect cheese every time!

Our price: $86.95
Soft Goat Cheese Mold
SKU: 58G

58G Top 3" X bottom 2.2" X ht. 3.8". Conical/tapered bottom with feet.

Our price: $5.95

Small Camembert / St. Marcellin Style Cheese Mold
SKU: 58E

Top 3.5" X bottom 3.25" X ht. 3". Rounded bottom.

Our price: $5.95

Classic Camembert Cheese Mold
SKU: 58D
58D Top 4.3" X bottom 4.3" X ht. 4.3". Bottomless.
Our price: $11.95

Pyramide Style Soft Cheese Mold
SKU: 58N
58N Top 4.25" X bottom 2.2" X ht. 5.25". Tapered bottom.
Our price: $6.95

Brosse Style Large Basket Mold
SKU: 58K
58K Top 6" X 4.5" X ht. 3.7". Rounded bottom.
Our price: $6.95

Brosse Style Small Basket Mold
SKU: 58L
58L Top 4.75" X bottom 3.75" X ht. 3.25". Rounded bottom.
Our price: $5.95

Classic Buche Soft Cheese Mold
SKU: 58M
58M Top 3" X bottom 2" X ht. 10.5". Rounded bottom.
Our price: $10.95

Demi Brie Mold with Follower/Lid
SKU: 58C

58C Top 7" X bottom 7" X ht. 4.3". Bottomless. Follower top 5.5" X base 7" x ht. 2".

Our price: $26.95
Tomme/St. Paulin Cheese Mold with Follower/Lid
SKU: 58A
58A For a semi-pressed cheese. 7.5" top X 7" rounded bottom X 3.5" ht. These molds can be stacked for pressing and are to be used with a muslin cloth liner. Follower top 5.5" X base 7" X ht 2".
Our price: $19.95
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