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Small Camembert / St. Marcellin Style Cheese Mold
SKU: 58E

Top 3.5" X bottom 3.25" X ht. 3". Rounded bottom.

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Soft Goat Cheese Mold
SKU: 58G

58G Top 3" X bottom 2.2" X ht. 3.8". Conical/tapered bottom with feet.

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Pressure scale
SKU: 15A-5

Take the guesswork out of making cheese. This pressure scale provides an accurate reading for pounds of pressure. Univeral fit, will work with any Hoegger Cheese Press.  0 - 70 lbs 

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Stainless Steel Cheese Press
SKU: Cheesepress

When it comes time to make hard cheeses, this is the cheese press you will need. Simple to use and easy to clean. Most affordable stainless steel cheese press on the market today! Comes complete with a 6’ mold/follower and 4’ mold/follower. Both molds are 6’ tall. Comes with 2 sheets of plyban cheesecloth (18” x 22”) Please note the molds have small imperfections on the inner seam. These imperfections will not cause any problems with the making of your cheese.

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