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25C "America's Homestead Journal" is packed with articles and stories of interest to just about everyone. Whether you live in the country and need to sharpen your country living skills or you're a city dweller who simply loves to dream of having your own homestead someday, you'll read each issue from cover to cover and save them for future reference. Published by-monthly.
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Dairy Goat Journal
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25B-1 An old time favorite with a brand new look. The journal has been published since 1916. Each issue contains feature articles and stories, many illustrations and helpful charts, as well as breeder advertisements.
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United Caprine News
SKU: 25A-1
25A-1 A monthly newspaper filled with practical information on every phase of goat keeping. Excellent articles and stories. Items of interest on every breed. Complete coverage of national shows, sales and conventions, complete with attractive photos. A section with letters from the readers and lots of pertinent advertising.
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