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Mineral Feeders

Mineral Feeders of all sizes and shapes.


Multi Purpose 10 Kid Feeder with Holder
SKU: SKU5317
During kidding season, this holder works great as a portable 10 kid feeder holder. When kidding season is over, your holder becomes a water bucket, grain feeder, mineral feeder, or chopped hay feeder. Made of cypress and food grade plastic. Simple to clean with a hose. It's easy peasy!
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Two Compartment Mineral Feeder
SKU: 10F

This tough little plastic 1 quart mineral feeder holds two varieties of your goat’s favorite supplements in just the amount that ‘s perfect for daily consumpation. That means less waste from leftover soiled product that must be discarded. The two holes in the raised back provide a number of different ways for mounting securely. You’ll love the convenience of this practical little feeder. Dimentions: 9.25” x 5.7” x 5.7”


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Salt Block Holder

Provide your goats with the salt they need with this baked-on epoxy finished wire holder that keeps the salt block clean and accessible. Installs easily to fence, barn wall or any flat surface. Holds a 4 lb standard size small salt block.


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Universal Block Holder
SKU: 10H

Constructed of tough, reinforced polyethylene. It is designed to encourage block feeding from front to back, discourages corner gnawing and prevents the block from being knocked out of the holder-eliminating waste and saving money. Rugged hook-over mounting fits securely on any standard 2x4 lumber, pipe or livestock panel. Holds a 50 lb salt block or 33 lb protein block. It’s tough in the heat or cold. Versatile enough to be used for grain ration or water as well.

[10” x 13” x 9”]

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