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Milk Replacer Powder

Milk Replacer Powder
You don’t have to feed your kid goats the milk you need for your own personal use. Our non-medicated, all-milk protein milk replacer is perfectly formulated with every essential nutrient your kids need, including the correct balance of protein to help overcome the risk of ketosis.

It also contains the valuable live cultures of lactobacillus and acidophilus (the same active ingredients in probios) that help reduce `stress and maintain healthful flora in the digestive system and enhance feeding efficiency.

Eliminate the risk of CAE transference by feeding this high-quality milk replacer. Avoid milk replacers that claim they are good for all species. It simply isn’t true. A goat’s nutritional needs are unique and those “all-species” uni-milk replacers can actually harm your goat.

Don’t get fooled by what seems like a lower price. Pound for pound and gallon for gallon, you save money on the yield as well as the shipping. Shipped daily, fresh from the mill.
Mix 1 cup of replacer with 2 pints of water.
25 lbs makes approximately 25 gallons.



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Milk Replacer Powder
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