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Bovi Sera
SKU: 3K-1
Bovi Sera is an absolute MUST HAVE for any goat owner. Useful in the prevention and treatment of conditions such as pneumonia and enterotoxemia, passive immune failure in newborns and shipping fever complex in adults, Bova Sera provides an immediate boost to the immune system allowing goats to get back on their feet.
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SKU: 94A
A long-acting copper capsule for goats and sheep which protects your herds growth, gertility and resistance to disease. To be used when animals are copper deficient and at intervals no less than 6 months. Do not give to breeds known to be susceptible to copper poisoning.
Dosage: Lambs & Kids over 25 lbs & 5 weeks One 2 gram capsule
Adult Sheep and Goats (100-200 lbs) One 4 gram capsule
Adult Sheep and Goats (200 - 300 lbs) Two 4 gram capsules

Available (24) 2 gram capsules or (12) 4 gram capsules
Our price: $19.95

Goat Serum Concentrate
Be assured that your kids will have maximum growth and a long, healthy, productive life. Also effective as a treatment for infections in adult goats such as mastitis and shipping fever complex. Labeled for goats. One bottle provides eight 10cc doses.
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First Arrival Paste
SKU: 43U
Scours can be the #1 enemy of newborn kids. Have First Arrival Paste on hand to enhance the natural immunity of lambs and kids. First Arrival provides 280 organic acids which help the gut to resist pathogens. Dose instructions: Dose within 24 hours of birth (for best results) or later and following stress. Repeat as necessary. Administer orally. 2-3 grams to newborns, 5-8 grams for up to 10 lbs, 10-15 grams for over 10 lbs of body weight. 15 gram tube.
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Kid Kare Concentrate 250ml
A specially formulated supplement providing a quick and efficient energy source for all newborns. Can also be administered at one or two weeks of age if kids fall behind or a growth stall-out. (One pump for newborns, two pumps for older kids.) Repeat as needed. New Size 250 ml. pump bottle
Our price: $19.95
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