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Calf Manna
SKU: 59L
Calf-Manna delivers a wide range of benefits
to all types of animals and life stages. This is a
great product to increase egg production and
help your chickens reach their peak condition
and top performance. You’ll see a difference.
[10 lb bag]
Our price: $19.95
Di-Methox 12.5%
SKU: 17D-2Z
Prevention is always best when it comes to goat care, but if clinical coccidiosis does present a problem, your veterinarian may advise treatment with sulfadimethoxine. 1 Pint

TREATMENT - Five days of oral dosing with a mixture of 1-1/2 Tbs. of Di-Methox and 1-1/2 Tbs. of water is generally suggested.

PREVENTION - Administer 1-1/2cc twice a day for one week. Then 3cc once a week until weaned.
Our price: $9.95

Diatomaceous Earth
SKU: 10M
Diatomaceous Earth is an all natural, food grade pest control used for eliminating internal parasites and relief from ticks, fleas and garden pests. Contains 14 valuable trace minerals essential for healthy animals. Can be used as a supplement to other wormers.
[5 lbs]
Our price: $12.95
Dimethox Powder
SKU: 17D-3
An effective treatment for coccidiosis, bacterial pneumonia, e-coli, mastitis and foot rot. Constitute 1.25 teaspoons of powder with 1 cup of water and administer 15 cc orally for 5-7 days. There is a 10-day slaughter withdrawal. Do not administer while giving penicillin. No information is provided concerning milk withdrawal.
Our price: $15.95
Garden and Poultry Dust
SKU: 59P
Controls a broad range of garden pests. Can be applied safely to poultry and poultry litter, floors, roosts and other interior surfaces to control northern fowl mites, lice and the poultry mite. Use on swine for lice control. Controls fleas, ticks and lice on dogs.
2 Pound (908 g) Shaker Canister
Our price: $8.95
Harvest Delight Poultry Treat
SKU: 59F
Harvest Delight™ Poultry Treat is a great way to reward your flock! With whole
grains and real fruits and vegetables, you can provide a treat year-round that
contains the goodness of a spring garden! And with peanuts, flax, sunflower
seeds and your specially-formulated nutrition pellets, you’re also getting
added protein, vitamins and minerals. Whether you raise blue-ribbon show
birds or you simply enjoy the eggs and entertainment from your backyard
flock, treat your feathered friends with wholesome and delicious Harvest
Delight! [2.5lbs]
Our price: $9.95
Herbal Wormer
SKU: 20F-1
The original, all natural, herbal wormer is compounded especially for goats. This wormer contains no artificial chemicals and is non-toxic and non-sickening. Safe for kids & pregnant does. No milk dumping or withdrawal time for slaughter. 200 doses in every pound of wormer.

Our price: $11.95

Medicated Chick Starter
SKU: 59E
Manna Pro Chick Starter is formulated for the development of active
immunity to Coccidiosis and for increased rate of weight gain and improved
feed efficiency in chickens. It is medicated with Amprolium to prevent
coccidiosis in chicks from 0-8 weeks, contains 18% protein for optimum
weight gain and muscle development and is fortified with vitamins and
minerals for healthy growth and sound development. [5lb bag]
Our price: $7.95
Poultry Conditioner
SKU: 59G
A comprehensive pelleted supplement helps condition birds for performance
& exhibition. Complete fortification for vigorous, healthy birds, and brilliant
high-quality plumage. [5lbs]
Our price: $11.95
Poultry Nutri-Drench (4oz)
SKU: 59K
Nutri-Drench is a fast energy source. It is specifically formulated for
all poultry. Nutri-Drench passes directly through the stomach wall
into the bloodstream, eliminating the hours it takes for digestion.
It can be measured in the bloodstream in minutes. For rapid
results, give undiluted, directly into mouth, 1 cc per 3 lbs. Ideal For:
Appetite, Poor Hatchability, Laying Hens, Weak Newborns,
Shipping Strain, Heat Stress, Diarrhea, Illness, Regular
Preventive Care. [4 oz bottle]
Our price: $6.95
Poultry Protector (16oz)
SKU: 59M
Poultry Protector™ is an all-natural solution to the common problem
of mites, lice, fleas and ticks within the backyard flock. The natural
enzymes in Poultry Protector clean away these pesky bugs safely,
without the use of harsh chemicals found in so many other insect
treatment products. Ridding the coop of these pests helps reduce
stress and makes your birds more comfortable so they can do what
they do best: lay beautiful eggs, grow, and flourish. 16 oz
Our price: $11.95
VetRX Poultry
SKU: 59J
VetRx Poultry Remedy is based on a natural formula that
has been in use since 1874, and is to be used as an aid in
treating respiratory problems in all varieties of poultry such
as chickens, turkeys, bantams, ducks and game birds.
A few drops every few weeks can help relieve respiratory
diseases, CRD, roup, scaly leg mites, favus, and eye
worm. VetRx should be administered at the first signs of
respiratory disease, often indicated by gaping, sneezing,
and gasping. It can also be used as a conditioner for
show preparations. For internal and external applications.
Contains alcohol, Canada balsam, camphor, oil of
origanum and oil of rosemary in a corn oil base.
For use on animals only. If symptoms persist for more than
48 hours, it is recommended you consult a licensed veterinarian. Use only as
directed on manufacturer’s label; keep this and all medications out of the reach
of children. (2 oz bottle)
Our price: $10.95
Water Protector Concentrate (33.9oz)
SKU: 59N
Nothing is more important to the overall health of your flock
than clean, clear water. Manna Pro® Water Protector™
provides a unique blend of enzymes that stop film, residue
and natural contaminants from affecting the taste and
quality of your poultry’s water. Water Protector is an all-natural
solution for keeping your flock’s water supply safe
and clean. 33.9 oz Concentrate.
Our price: $16.95
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